Norwegian Neighborhood Turns Animus Toward Crypto Mining Seeking to Kick Kryptovault Out

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
Norwegian Neighborhood Turns Animus Toward Crypto Mining Seeking to Kick Kryptovault Out
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Norwegian bitcoin miner Kryptovault may be enforced to shut down its operation due to complaints about the noise filed by locals.

A Norway-based crypto mining farm Kryptovault is now under a serious threat of forced closure by local authorities. As it has been informed by the local media, Kryptovault is at risk of being enforced to  shut down its operation following the complaints about noise pollution that the local municipality received from residents.

Being able to mine Bitcoin worth several million Norwegian kroner per week, this facility uses nearly 40MW of power to operate its computers. As for power, Kryptovault utilizes it from renewable sources, as for example, wind and hydro.

But functioning of the farm can’t be unnoticeable for people living in the same neighborhood. According to the residents, the noise that is produced by Kryptovault’s facility in Hønefoss has become really unbearable as the company uses huge fans for cooling down 9,500 mining rigs.

Some people complained that they can’t sleep in their bedrooms that are situated near the facility due to the awful noise produced by the farm. Some other neighbors explained that they are enforced to keep their windows shut during the hot summer months.

One of the residents whose house is very close to the facility said that the noise that comes from the mining farm 24 hours per day, 365 days per year had fully spoilt his summer.

Moreover, it has been revealed that Kryptovault has been running its operations illegally and it hasn’t been granted with the necessary permissions.

According to Arne Hellum, who deals with construction cases for the nearby municipality, now the local government could make Kryptovault cease its operation in Hønefoss till the moment it gets all the required permits.

Nevertheless, Stig Myrseth, the company’s CEO, stated that before launching their operations the local authorities had informed them that they had all the required permits and licences. Moreover, it was pointed out that the company had already filed applications to get all the necessary documents that it does not possess at the moment.

As it has become known, now Kryptovault is going to install special equipment that will help the company reduce noise. Such a move will allow Kryptovault to reduce the level of noise pollution to under 45 decibels while at the moment this indicator makes approximately 60 decibels.

Meanwhile, this case is not the first unpleasant situation for Kryptovault caused by its too noisy operations. Following a number of conflicts with local residents, the company received a bomb threat that were not sent at any particular company’s facility.

The warning reads:

“This is sabotage. If you are expanding crypto mining and filling the country with noise, then you will be sabotaging the peace. I am threatening to send you some explosives.”

The company has taken this threat rather seriously, фтв  its managing director Gjermund Hagesaeter immediately notified the police and asked employees to be extremely observant. It has been stated that if some suspicious activity is noticed, all the employees should be evacuated immediately.

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