‘Not Scam’: Mike Tyson Gets Involved in Bitcoin Industry

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‘Not Scam’: Mike Tyson Gets Involved in Bitcoin Industry
Photo: Bitcoin Direct, LLC

Mike Tyson is planning to open bitcoin ATMs in Las Vegas.

What can bitcoin and sports have in common? Right, Mike Tyson! Although the sportsman has already finished his career, his name is known all over the world. So when information about this famous boxing champion entering bitcoin market appeared, it set wondering. Now everything is confirmed. We must say the first news about Mike Tyson sponsoring bitcoin ATM was treated quite suspiciously.

Internet didn’t give much information about the forthcoming launch and on the contrary was full of speculations concerning the legality of enterprise. After the first excitement settled down, it was found out that domain name miketysonbitcoin.com is registered in the name of Peter Klamka. Data about Mr. Klamka says he is a Chief Executive Officer of Bitcoin Brands Inc. To put it mildly the company can’t boast of credibility with $6,780 of market cap.

Most experts shared the opinion that Mike Tyson got involved in the deal by a fast talker. He must have been promised millions of dollars if he agreed to lend his name to the enterprise. Klamka refutes all allegations that his new venture with Tyson has something to do with Bitcoin Brands. Moreover the company will operate under the name of Bitcoin Direct LLC. Shares are divided 50-50 between Mike and Bitcoin Direct.

Those who believed Tyson’s new business really doubted the prospects of this idea. The best advice sounded like Tyson should have studied internet search before choosing Klamka as a partner.

No matter how Mike Tyson got into this business, now we have a confirmed fact. He is planning to start ATMs in two Las Vegas locations in about three weeks. Bitcoin ATM converts cash into cryptocurrency. The link in the tweet sends to miketysonbitcoin.com which states as a slogan: “Mike Tyson’s fastest knock out in the ring was 30 seconds. The Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM can turn your cash into bitcoin in under 20 seconds”.

Mike Tyson has always been known due to his tricks (let’s call it like this). Hopefully his interest in bitcoin is serious. Both bitcoin and sports fans will be happy to have this champion among them. Klamka even joked: “We hope that new enterprise will have the ability to build a database of Mike’s fans who are bitcoin users”.

It’s still too early to say whether Mike Tyson will increase trust in bitcoin thanks to his authority. All we can say now is “Welcome on board” and wish him much luck in exploring new industry.

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