Nuzdah Platform Breaking Down Boundaries in the Creation of Software Solution for Businesses

Place/Date: - March 3rd, 2018 at 2:32 pm UTC · 4 min read
Source: Nuzdah

There is an ever growing market for the tools that will simplify the creation of software solutions. It has been recorded that by 2020, about 900,000 programmers will go missing. If this happens, it will greatly affect economic growth and innovation.

The creation of software solutions would be more difficult than it has ever been if this happens by 2020. Programming is one of the most frustrating crafts to learn.

This is because, it requires time, more investment and perseverance on the part of the learner. Also, programmers are sought for when they have at least two years of experience.

System engineers, architects and help desks (which make about 70% of IT workforce) will need tools that will enable the creation and management of data workflow in a visual way. This cannot be done without programmers.

Think of how much data a single chair can have if appropriate sensors are connected and transmitted. It could change the lives of those with a back problem or it could offer medical models according to their deformation.

This would be a fine revolution, but the problem lies with the complexities involved in creating the product, testing, prototyping and creating analytical models. The most fundamental problem being how to build and make use of all the tools provided by vendors.

The positioning of the Information Technology (IT) industry fits in at the dawn of a new revolution called “Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is expanding to get into the everyday life.

Software solution simplification created

The problems with the number of technology solutions available for the creation of the Internet of Things (IoT) is; too many programming frameworks, different management consoles, complexities of skills required and different cloud services.

All these problems have been solved by Nuzdah platform’s project called “”, which is hosted on the huge open-source project site NODE-RED. This is a virtual web application that allows users to create and compose programs by simply dragging components to the screen without writing any code line.

The application is user-friendly. It allows devices to connect through MQTT protocol. It allows the connected devices to collect and use data. offers a scalable and secure network for your business. With the encryption of all traffics from your phone to the platform, it ensures that your device is secure. supports the use of Internet protocols, using this methodology, it allows you work on standard and fully integrable platforms.

Further simplification seeks to further simplify the creation of solution software by the adoption of an application called “Software as a service (SAAS). SAAS allows users to connect devices using Amazon Web Service (AWS).

It also allows for the use and management of your own to create data, conduct analysis and create data workflow integration with external dashboards.

Nuzdah platform and are also making plans to focus on visual hardware application and their goal has always and will continue to be creating software solutions that does not require writing a code to interact with either the hardware or software.

Growth and usage

For small and medium businesses’ that want to test and grow IOT market, offers SAAS applications that will enable them do that with less programming skills and a secure environment.

The adoption and use of is becoming high. It has become one of the tools used by programmers and non-programmers for creating workflow and data management tools.

Six months ago, there were about 24,000 downloads of this application, but currently, there are over 40,000 downloads. This shows that more people are beginning to see the importance and great benefit of the application in the creation and management of data.