Nvidia Steps into Metaverse by Introducing New Software and Omniverse Toolkit

Nvidia Steps into Metaverse by Introducing New Software and Omniverse Toolkit

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Nvidia Steps into Metaverse by Introducing New Software and Omniverse Toolkit
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Nvidia unveiled the free version of Omniverse software allowing creators to build virtual world content and thereby easily sell it across different marketplaces.

American multinational Nvidia is making a swift move into the rapidly emerging world of Metaverse. The Metaverse has created a major buzz in the world of VR, AR as well as the future of 3D graphics. On Tuesday, January 4, Nvidia announced new software dubbed Omniverse that would be available for free to artists and new creators building the virtual worlds. Besides, Omniverse will also serve as an interconnecting online toolkit for 3D creative apps.

As said the software is now out of beta and available as a free service for people having PCs using Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics. Besides, Nvidia has also unveiled a technology dealing with several marketplaces wherein artists can sell the three-dimensional content that they create.

Chipmaking giant Nvidia seems to leverage its position by providing hardware for the metaverse. It also plans to provide a set of software tools for creating and selling content within the virtual world.

Nvidia announced its decision to distribute a free version of the “Omniverse” software during the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022. To sell content in the virtual world, Nvidia has partnered with four such marketplaces. This includes TurboSquid by Shutterstock , Sketchfab, CGTrader, and Twinbru. Thus, the creators can display their content in Nvidia’s Omniverse software suite.

Besides, other marketplaces like Daz3D, Reallusion’s ActorCore, and e-on software’s PlantCatalog are soon planning to release their Omniverse-ready assets. Nvidia hasn’t yet disclosed its financial arrangement for its deal with libraries and marketplaces.

Omniverse by Nvidia: a Cloud-Connected 3D Collaborative Toolkit

The Omniverse software platform is nothing but a cloud-connected 3D collaborative toolkit. Nvidia had made this software available for business subscriptions last year by offering large-scale secure connections.

However, the free version shall be limited to two-person collaboration. The great thing about the Omniverse software is that it can easily hook into a ton of other applications. This includes apps like Maya, Blender, Adobe, Autodesk, and Epic’s MetaHuman.

Nvidia also announced that users can easily drag and drop the 3D asset sites into the Omniverse-connected apps. Nvidia’s Omniverse VP Richard Kerris said that cloud-based connected processing power will be a game-changer for the Metaverse.

Speaking to CNET, Kerris said:

“The metaverse is already here to some extent. We have a lot of the basic technologies available to us”.

Kerris also stated that virtual worlds created using platforms like Omniverse are essential for Nvidia’s AI training.

“At this moment, one of the things we need to create these AIs, that’s fundamental, is a simulation of virtual worlds. If you’re going to create robots that know how to operate inside our world, they need to be trained somewhere safe, and they need to be trained for hours and hours,” added he.

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