Oasys Joins Hands with AGLD DAO to Boost Onchain Gaming

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Oasys Joins Hands with AGLD DAO to Boost Onchain Gaming
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With this collaboration, Adventure Gold DAO’s native token, $AGLD, will also be accessible on Oasys, enhancing collaboration and innovative gaming experiences.

Oasys, a blockchain platform optimized for gaming, has entered into a strategic partnership with Adventure Gold DAO (AGLD DAO), marking a significant milestone in the development of a collaborative ecosystem. This partnership aims to enhance the world of fully on-chain games and further support the growth of Autonomous Worlds.

Leveraging Oasys’ cutting-edge gas-free architecture and AGLD DAO’s infrastructure and dedication to Autonomous Worlds (AW), creators within the Oasys Chain and Lootverse ecosystem will gain the tools to build autonomous, decentralized digital environments. Through this collaboration, the partners intend to establish new benchmarks for gaming efficiency and innovation. They will also make an emphasize on fairness, accessibility, and community control within blockchain-based systems.

The integration of Adventure Gold DAO into the Oasys gaming ecosystem will involve multifaceted collaborations. This begins with their involvement in the upcoming GameWave Genesis Hackathon at Token2049. AGDL will not only sponsor one of the prizes but also introduce a theme that encourages participants to explore autonomy in the game and dApp development. One of the key contributors of the AGLD DAO said:

“This partnership brings us closer to creating a developer-friendly and trusted environment for the Oasys Chain ecosystem. We are confident in the immense potential to shape the future of blockchain gaming and drive the growth of the Autonomous World narrative.”

Additionally, Adventure Gold DAO’s native token, $AGLD, will soon be accessible on the Oasys platform through bridging. This integration further opens up expanded possibilities within the Adventure Gold DAO ecosystem, fostering a more cohesive and collaborative approach to pioneering innovative gaming experiences.

About Oasys

Oasys stands as a blockchain-powered game development platform, distinguished by its highly scalable Layer-1 hub and specialized Layer-2, which leverages Ethereum‘s Layer-2 scaling solution. This ecosystem delivers game developers a reliable and scalable blockchain foundation, empowering them to create games that are more efficient, secure, and interoperable.

Notably, Oasys counts among its validators prominent figures in the gaming and Web3 sectors, including industry giants like SEGA, Ubisoft, and Yield Guild Games. These industry leaders also serve as initial validators within Oasys’ Proof-of-Stake (PoS) based blockchain.

With the collaborative expertise of Oasys’ blockchain team and the backing of gaming luminaries, this partnership is poised to revolutionize the gaming industry.

“Our collaboration with AGLD DAO is more than just a technological integration. It represents a shared commitment to nurturing decentralised creativity in the metaverse. As Oasys continues to expand possibilities in the Web3 space, we are proud to provide a foundational layer for autonomous and independent development on Oasys Chain to support this growth,” said Dominic Jang, Head of Business Development at Oasys, speaking on their recent partnership with AGLD DAO.

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