Olympus Markets: Your Full Trading Package

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Olympus Markets: Your Full Trading Package
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Olympus has gone a long way to make a strong name for itself in the trading industry. Best known for its low spreads, superior customer service and exceeding traders’ success – it is, without a doubt, part of the new generation of trading.

Living by the motto: “Rise above your trading heights”, Olympus believes in convenience and traders’ education above all. At the end of the day, the key to successful trading lies in the balance between Technical and Fundamental Analysis, and Olympus makes sure its traders are well equipped with both.

Technical analysis with a large selection of free trading tools, including economic calendars, live charts and indicators. Fundamental analysis– with a vast training academy filled with how-to’s, e-books, live webinars, daily market news and updates that ensures every trader stays on top of their market knowledge.

On Olympus Assets

Providing 200+ assets, including some of the most known pairs, such as: EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/USD, BTC/USD; globally acclaimed commodities like: Gold, Silver or Oil; indices, such as Dax or CAC; stocks like Apple, Amazon, Alibaba or Facebook; cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. With this array of choices, there is no way for traders to miss out on trading opportunities.

On Olympus Platforms

Olympus can be referred to as one-of-a-kind broker when it comes to its platforms. Boasting the infamous Olympus Trader – one of the most acknowledged trading platforms, while also keeping in mind the less experienced traders, Olympus launched its very own FxSimplified.

This is a platform dedicated to ease-of-operation, user-friendly interface and absence of unnecessary features, leaving it all about what it should be – trading. Under FxSimplified, users can navigate their risk appetite for every deal and insert actual amounts, instead of focusing on units, which is surely a more convenient way to come around new trading experience.

On Olympus Accounts

Currently offering five principal accounts – Jade, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond – named after the most precious stones – Olympus offers exceeding benefits for each type. Additionally, there are also Islamic account options available for customers.

All accounts currently boast some of the lowest spreads in the market, and with every step further, spreads and margins just get lower, while benefits increase. Even more so, to provide customers with a sense of security, Olympus also offers a 100K risk-free demo account – to be used on real-life margins – serving as a perfect test of what you will be getting upon activation.

On Olympus Education & Assistance

Highly focused on trader knowledge, Olympus provides a large collection of free educational material for all its customers. Videos, E-books, How-to’s, Economic Calendars and Live Webinars by their Chief Market Analyst – Alexander Mycroft. Unlike many speakers out there, he not only has over 20 years of financial markets’ experience, but is also able to deliver information in a manner that is interactive and easy to understand.

Nominated “Best Customer Service” broker, Olympus also offers a personal Success Manager for every client. Success Managers are there to maximize clients’ profits and have them make most out of their trading experience with around-the-clock, 1-on-1, trading guidance.

On Olympus & Convenience

Providing a unique “Trade-on-the-go” trading opportunity with its desktop and mobile versions, as well as mobile apps for IOS and Android, Olympus makes sure traders can conduct business wherever they are. SMS trading signals and market updates are also available for those who prefer to not take their hand off the pulse, be it at home or on vacation.

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