All-in-One Blockchain Solutions ARK Was the Official Sponsor of HackPrinceton 2018

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All-in-One Blockchain Solutions ARK Was the Official Sponsor of HackPrinceton 2018
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A sponsor of HackPrinceton 2018 event, ARK was looking for fresh talent and presenting its lightweight deployment script, Deployer Script, to the participants.

The French project ARK was an official sponsor of HackPrinceton 2018 event, which ran from March 30 to April 1, 2018, uniting thousands of students, programmers, web developers and entrepreneurs from various institutions from across the United States to create functioning software or hardware projects.

The participants of Princeton 2018 Spring Hackathon came together in groups of four to create functioning software or hardware projects within a set timeframe of 36 hours.  Anyone with a passion for learning and professional collaboration had an opportunity to participate in the event, from newcomers to coding/design/hardware or a seasoned hackers.

The ARK team also took part in the event. It was represented by 6 company’s members, including Co-Founders Mike Doty and Khanh Vuong, ARK IoT dev Simon Downey, and ARK community devs Karel K. Kubat, Ruud Seegers, and Robert Hissink Muller. While participating in the competition along with other companies and individuals, the ARK crew was also looking for fresh talent for further recruiting, as well as promoting the company’s project, Deployer Script, to developers and other relevant personnel.

Deployer Script represents itself an ARK’s lightweight deployment script which enables users to control the technology themselves applying it to a number of areas that can benefit from blockchain-based solutions. It was first launched in January 2018, allowing anyone curious in exploring the technology to do so. The script also offers an opportunity for interested individuals to learn the ropes and eventually launch their own blockchain running on ARK technology within minutes.

Leveraging a SmartBridge technology to connect numerous different cryptocurrencies with each-other, the ARK platform allows to utilize complex features, including smart contracts, across multiple different token chains. This enables the platform to design its own Decentralized Autonomous Apps, (or dApps) through the application of REST APIs, enabling ARK to program over a dozen different programming languages.

During HackPrinceton 2018 event, the participants were able to learn more about ARK technology, explore its ins and outs, and launch their very own blockchain that will run on ARK technology within minutes. Users could also test the limits of the ARK blockchains and witness Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin blockchain applications connecting via SmartBridge technology, allowing ARK to take advantage of features like smart contracts.

ARK has rolled out a new feature they are calling BridgeChain, allowing users to run Ubuntu VM in Azure, as well as integrating Azure PUblicIP and Firewall configurations as a prebuilt element. Interested ARK users can have this running in less than 20 minutes, controlling their own BridgeChain node and Ark Explroer within a re-usable and customizable deployment script.

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