One-stop Blockchain Solution ARK Announces Major Script Update for Blockchain Services

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One-stop Blockchain Solution ARK Announces Major Script Update for Blockchain Services
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ARK has recently announced the release of its Scrypt update for blockchain network creation available for developers, enthusiasts and others involved in the crypto world.

Blockchain is the technology of the future and making adoption easier, flexible and scalable is one of the top priorities of the crypto world right now.

While there are platforms like Ethereum, NEO and Stratis that maintain programmable blockchains and have been successful and useful for the growth of the blockchain community, they themselves aren’t one-stop shops for everything crypto-centric.

Nowadays, it can be observed the increasing of efforts for creating a single platform, where blockchain related services would be provided for clients of varying requirements.

ARK is one of such All-in-one blockchain service providers that has recently released a Scrypt update for blockchain network creation.

Since the focal point of the decentralized startup is to help clients in setting up their own blockchain networks, the new update will bring ARK closer to realizing the dream of a blockchain solution for everybody around the world.

ARK’s unique approach towards blockchain services is given by their model which envisages a web-like virtual space where endless user-cases are present, thus ultimately covering every permutation. This approach is expected to make ARK platform a scalable and flexible blockchain services provider.

Ark is also working on its Ark Contract Execution Services (ACES) project using its innovative SmartBridge technology. ARK network can interact freely with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin networks with the SmartBridge technology and thus it has huge application potential. For example, with the help of the Ethereum’s native smart contracts, the ARK network can be used to launch new coin platforms extremely easy.

ARK is releasing its deployer script for developers, enthusiasts and others involved in the crypto world. The code is available indirectly through hackathons and conferences around the globe and ARK’s developers believe that this indirect release will help them reach out to the community directly, working with blockchain in a more efficient way.

Travis Walker, the company’s board member has commented:

“Unlike ethereum and ERC20 tokens. all ark cloned chains can have their own blockchain that will be connected to the ark ecosystem. They will be customizable, you can set your blocktimes, number of delegates, and more. This gives you complete freedom and independence without bloating the ARK mainchain, but while still having the ability to utilize the entire ecosystem.”

Blockchain on Demand is also another cornerstone of the ARK platform’s developmental efforts. It allows organizations to deploy their own blockchain with minimal hassle. This push-button deployment of blockchain will add a layer of security and scalability that the futuristic technology is destined to provide.

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