ORIGYN Foundation Generates $20M Funding, Bringing Company’s Valuation to $300M

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ORIGYN Foundation Generates $20M Funding, Bringing Company’s Valuation to $300M
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ORIGYN secured the new funds ahead of the launch of its OGY token.

The Switzerland-based non-profit organization, ORIGYN Foundation, recently recorded successful funding, worth $20 million. Following the strategic raise, the company’s valuation now stands at $300 million. According to the announcement shared on the 3rd of November, ORIGYN Foundation received support from both VC firms and individuals in the funding round.

ORIGYN Secures $20M Funding

ORIGYN received backings from Bill Ackman’s Table Management, GD10 Ventures, Polychain Capital, Coinko, and Vectre Ventures. More participants include American media personality and socialite Paris Hilton and entrepreneur Jaeson Ma. Others are author and venture capitalist Carter Reum, Indian born billionaire Div Turakhia.

Referring to the investors, CEO Daniel Haudenschild said the company is “excited” to have a lot of prominent names in its funding round. He boasted that ORIGYN is unique in the service it brings to the world. He noted that the “partners have seen the opportunity we [ORIGYN] provide to unlock for owners and creators.”

ORIGYN is known for NFT-based authentication certificates. By using NFTs as digital certificates, the company helps to identify and authenticate luxury digital and physical goods. According to the organization, it averages both AI and blockchain in developing its NFT-based authentication system.

Speaking to TheBlock, the CEO disclosed:

“Bringing physical goods with digital certificates is the next evolution of NFTs. ORIGYN is bringing the benefits of a clear record of authenticity and ownerships, to digital objects in a number of different industries. NFTs are more than just digital images and we’re excited to show the world what is truly possible with this technology.”

The company is planning to unveil its OGY token to the general public before the first half of the year ends. Upon the launch, OGY will become the project’s native utility token users will be able to use it to interact with services across the ORIGYN four core verticals. The four core verticals include art, collectibles, digital media, and luxury, which includes the creation of authentication.

ORIGYN’S Four Core Verticals

The ORIGYN Art is an exclusive community for the fine art market on the blockchain. It connects physical works of art to NFT certificates. After establishing the connection, it provides the ultimate experience for creators, industry professionals, collectors, and others. On the other hand, the ORIGYN Collectibles is designed to empower individuals with a shared passion for experiencing collectors’ items, buy, sell, and trade. ORIGY collectibles rewards and acknowledge creativity through the tokenization of certificates of ownership. These certificates proved the uniqueness and authenticity of physical collectibles.

Furthermore, the ORIGYN Digital Media is built for media creators. Media creators can utilize the ecosystem’s tools for all forms of experimental content. Finally, the ORIGYN Luxury is the only digital certificate solution that can surely verify authenticity. To confirm authenticity, ORIGYN Luxury uses its biometric features.

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