Otcrit Launches Alpha Version of Its Platform

February 10th, 2018 at 11:21 am UTC · 2 min read

Last month the Otcrit team promised their supporters that they will deliver the first version of one of their main products – an information marketplace where people from all over the world can present their analyses and reports regarding crypto-currencies.

These works can be accepted to be published by Otcrit only if they follow the presented meticulous guidelines. The platform was scheduled to be released before the start of their pre-sale on 15th of February. Today is the 10th and they have clearly kept their promise.

The first users can already register at platform.otcrit.org and anyone who wants to take a look at the UI and all available functionalities can do so.

Some of them include the option to publish, translate and request reports, comment and rate them. The team promises to continue working non-stop on the platform during and after the presale in order to provide their early adopters with a quality service and truly valuable information.

Currently, the main goal of this startup company is to get the initial funding on the 15th of February and invest this capital on improving their infrastructure and growing the team of experts and analysts. From what we have seen from the company so far, the project looks quite promising and dedicated to bringing new standards to the crypto market.

According to Otcrit’s founders, most people don’t realize how the content they read or watch online is in fact advertisement with little to no value. A great part of the community is following blindly some of the crypto-celebrities without realizing that they are actually being sponsored to promote, hype and literally pump particular digital assets.

The Otcrit Platform aims to change these practices by providing in-depth information, which will be constantly evaluated by the community of investors and traders. Only by having multiple points of view by individuals with an actual reputation can we have estimates about ICOs and already existing crypto-ventures, which are as objective as possible.