P2E Blockchain Gaming Boom Bolstered by GameStation Incubator Launchpad    

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P2E Blockchain Gaming Boom Bolstered by GameStation Incubator Launchpad    
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All gamers will also be able to take advantage of GameStation’s marketplace, which will allow gamers to trade, loan, and or borrow in-game items to help them earn more in their gaming pursuits. 

Blockchains are revolutionizing the way information is stored and transferred. The security, transparency, and immutability provided by this booming and innovative technology are disrupting new industries every day, and blockchains are expected to change the way we work and play for years to come.

One effect of blockchain technology’s rise is the commingling of work and play through what is known as GameFi, a combination of gaming, NFTs, and decentralized finance (DeFi) that can earn gamers money for playing blockchain games.

Blockchain Gaming Whips Up a Perfect Storm for 2021

The unique features of decentralized ledger technology (DLT) make blockchain networks an ideal space for building decentralized applications (dApps) that facilitate trustless and secure financial services. As a result of the dApps based DeFi boom, blockchain are systems that are drawing an influx of value onto their networks.

DeFi has captured over $150 billion in total value locked (TVL) in dApps and smart contracts since what many called “DeFi Summer” kicked off last year, and it looks like additional flows of blockchain TVL may be supercharged by what some are already calling “GameFi Autumn.”

This year, 2021, was called the “Year of NFTs” by many after Beeple sold a work of digital art for $69 million through Christie’s auction house. The NFT market has been steadily warming up since then, and OG NFTs like CryptoPunks are fetching astronomical bids.

These landmark sales are driving up the prices of NFTs across the board as users FOMO into a growing market that shows few signs of slowing down. The NFT marketplace Opensea reported explosive volume in August, hitting $3.4 billion in transactions, which accounts for ten times those reported for July.

NFTs are highly sought-after digital assets for collectors and speculators alike, but they’re also in demand for gamers who want to take part in the latest revolution in blockchain gaming. The fact that NFTs are playing a large role in the gameplay of blockchain games means gamers are finding themselves in a strange position unlike ever before: gaming is actually returning a profit instead of producing negative cash outflows, and some people are even calling blockchain gaming their main source of income.

GameStation Introduces a Gamer Focused Project Incubator and Launchpad

GameStation is a platform for helping teams develop and launch their play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain games. GameStation allows games to be developed in a way that breaks from past models of fundraising, design, and launch by creating a community of like minds focused on developing the future of P2E gaming together for maximum returns for those invested most in these games, the developers and players.

GameStation’s gamified launchpad works across multiple chains and will begin launching new products on Ethereum and Polygon. In contrast to most other platforms that give nascent blockchain projects a leg up towards successful launches, GameStation’s incubator and launchpad services are geared entirely towards gaming and the gaming community.

This focus on community also is represented in GameStation’s roadmap, which includes a tournament ecosystem to highlight the upper echelons of competitive gaming and help connect the best and brightest gamers regularly. All gamers will also be able to take advantage of GameStation’s marketplace, which will allow gamers to trade, loan, and or borrow in-game items to help them earn more in their gaming pursuits.

Gamers can participate in the process of making new P2E games a reality and get in on the ground floor as new blockchain games move from concept to code. GameStation opens access between developers and gamers, and the value this community creates can be shared to its maximum potential within the community since GameStation projects are not subjected to the loss of equity or intellectual property that occurs when fundraising from outside.

There’s never been a better time than now for developing blockchain games, and teams are moving quickly to ensure their games can take off along with a booming market hungry for P2E gaming and NFTs. A robust line of new blockchain gaming projects are lined up for development and launch with GameStation’s assistance, and projects that wish to remain independent are encouraged to apply for their own GameStation IDO.

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