Altcoin Season Is Back: Why PancakeSwap and Chainlink Holders Might Be Switching to WW3 Shiba

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Altcoin Season Is Back: Why PancakeSwap and Chainlink Holders Might Be Switching to WW3 Shiba
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In contrast to PancakeSwap and Chainlink, WW3 Shiba is riding a wave of bullish investor sentiment.

If you’re a crypto investor, the most wonderful time of the year is here. No, we’re not talking about Christmas but altcoin season: the part of the year when historically speaking, the value of altcoins surges and Bitcoin finds itself left firmly in the shade.

The last altcoin season was back in 2021, but many crypto experts believe that the cogs are now shifting into place for the next season to launch. It typically follows a period of Bitcoin price gains, followed by a surge in Ethereum. The altcoin season comes next and is characterized by a boom in altcoin investor demand, notable coin launches, and a bullish wave of price gains.

With altcoin season back, cryptocurrency investors must be primed to capitalize on this once-every-few-years event. This time around, WW3 Shiba is already exhibiting signs of being one of the most in-demand coins.

But what exactly is driving the popularity of this standout meme coin, and why might holders of the likes of PancakeSwap and Chainlink be ready to jump ship to WW3 Shiba?

PancakeSwap: The Multichain Decentralized Exchange

PankcakeSwap is a multichain decentralized exchange based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). PankcakeSwap’s token, CAKE, gives holders a voice when platform changes are proposed and can also be staked in SYRUP liquidity pools. While the DeFi landscape is changing rapidly, PancakeSwap’s momentum has sometimes been a little sluggish and has experienced lagging investor engagement. To offset that, the PancakeSwap platform has announced a series of developments and upgrades that could reignite interest in CAKE.

Of course, PancakeSwap isn’t the only platform to find interest in its token, riding a wave of demand and disinterest. What is certain is that PancakeSwap investors have plenty of other options to consider.

Chainlink: A Web3 Services Platform

As an alternative to PankcakeSwap, Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that facilitates the safe and secure transfer of data between blockchains and outside systems. Chainlink is also looking to break new ground with the development of a new CCIP protocol, which will allow real-world asset holders to trade in an interoperable manner.

Despite this positive move, Chainlink’s LINK token is currently navigating a tumultuous period right at the dawn of the new altcoin season.

Chainlink has recently decided to unlock 21 million tokens, with 18.25 million offloaded to Binance. Because Chainlink has historically maintained a low volume of unlocked tokens, this action has unnerved investors, who fear that prices could now be about to crash. In the immediate aftermath of the unlock, Chainlink’s LINK coin prices declined by 7%, and further drops could be imminent.

WW3 Shiba: The Coin Investors Seeking Fast Returns Should Consider

In contrast to PancakeSwap and Chainlink, WW3 Shiba is riding a wave of bullish investor sentiment. Picked as the standout meme coin of the year, WW3 Shiba has been recognized as a ‘rising star with explosive potential’ by crypto investment experts. It’s expected to race to gains of 100x in the coming months, and that’s on the back of expected gains of a staggering 580% in presale.

The WW3 Shiba token (WW3S) offers investors a range of passive rewards, via staking (which offers users the chance to earn up to 90% APR), in-game earnings, and price appreciation. This top-performing meme coin also has a charitable component that supports dogs injured by war, which has quickly won favor with cryptocurrency investors.

If you would like to find out more information about the presale, visit the project’s website, or its X and Telegram accounts.

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