Ad-Blocking Pando Browser Downloaded 100k Times Three Months After Launching

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Ad-Blocking Pando Browser Downloaded 100k Times Three Months After Launching
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The Pando browser bears advantages by allowing secure storage and data management.

Three months after launching, Pando Browser has been downloaded more than 100,000 times on the Google PlayStore, data shows. The web 3.0 browser with IPFS integration has ad-blocking capabilities developed by Panda Software to develop a transparent internet that rewards contribution without sacrificing convenience and accessibility.

The Pando Ecosystem

With Pando Entertainment, Pando Software – a global company dedicated to software development, is launching various businesses, including Pando Wallet and Panex Exchange.

Within the Pando ecosystem is the Pando Coin (PANDO), an Ethereum-based token compliant with the ERC-20 standard based on the Pando browser. Ethereum is the pioneer smart contracting platform that processed over $835 billion worth of stablecoin value in 2020.

According to the press release, the Pando browser bears advantages by allowing secure storage and data management. With their high speed and advertisement blockchain capability, convenience is enhanced through the in-built Pando wallet.

This wallet will process transactions within the dApp ecosystem with the PANDO coin as the native currency allowing users to send and receive funds. Also, users can send and receive encrypted information.

Facilitating these will be the Panex Exchange, a digital asset exchange built-in Pando browser and messenger wallet. According to the Panda browser whitepaper, staking, dApp launching, and gaming capability will also be added.

Pando Mining Through PoSW

The browser uses the Proof-of-Software (PoSW) mining system for creating PANDO tokens and distributing rewards. Users can earn PANDO tokens depending on the number of login sessions, their referral activity, or by viewing opt-in advertisements.

Its activation is because the algorithm builds a node network based on the user’s type of operating system to generate operation times (mileages) and opt-in advert view time for rewarding purposes. The number of rewards received depends on the time spent on watching adverts.

Pando Software plans to evolve into a blockchain company by providing services within the sub-sector. The Panex Exchange, its creators explain, will operate more like a banking service than a listing service. It shall operate as a cryptocurrency landing exchange for rewards projects and running of DeFi dApps.

Bittrex and NASDAQ Listing

According to Defi Pulse statistics, different DeFi dApps now manage over $20 billion worth of assets. A report by BTC PEERS indicates that the sphere is the fastest growing in the crypto segment, citing the high returns of governance tokens, innovation, and the organic interest in a platform in transition.

The CEO of Pando Browser, Jung Sang-Hun, has revealed that its developer, Pando Software – a global company, has a strategy to accelerate its brand visibility and value to enable listing at NASDAQ.

They plan to acquire a listed company in South Korea before opening up a New York office to facilitate listing. PANDO’s planned listing at Bittrex is when Binance, a global exchange with a United States branch, terminated its South Korean operation citing low usage, eight months after launching. For this reason, Korean users have until the end of January to withdraw their assets.

PANDO Coin Tokenomics

At the same time, Pando coin (PANDO) has announced its plans to expand the Pando ecosystem through marketing and technology development cooperation networks by striking partnership deals in Korea and across the globe.

The PANDO coin, an ERC-20 compliant token, will be listed at Bittrex, a cryptocurrency exchange with headquarters in the United States, on Jan 15, 2021. The token is already available for trading at the MXC Exchange, where the PANDO coin is paired with USDT.

In total, there will be two billion PANDO coins in circulation. According to the project’s tokenomics, $1.4 billion is for users who participate in PoSW mining over the next 10 years. Like Bitcoin, there will be a halving of PANDO PoSW miner rewards every two years. Users can mine a maximum of 1,003,584 tokens per day. The remaining 600 million PANDO is reserved for research and development, marketing, and more availed to the South Korean office.

There are plans to expand into other sub-sectors. However, at the moment, the Pando ecosystem comprises Pando browser and messenger, both of which are available for download for Windows desktop users, iOS, and Android.

Pando Entertainment

Pando Software also works with Pando Entertainment that will provide the platform that solves user needs. The beta version of Pando Entertainment’s Pan Music was released in December 2020. However, the final version will be released by the end of February 2021.

Pan Music is a music payment platform that provides untrusted sound sources that don’t incur separate copyright fees.

Besides music, they have plans to diversify to messaging and gaming. Some of their products include Pantok – a messenger site, Panting, and Pando Pictures. They have also partnered with Splitsy, a Dutch pay platform.

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