PEGA Pool Is Almost Ready for Lift-Off in Q1 2023

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PEGA Pool Is Almost Ready for Lift-Off in Q1 2023
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2,444 miners have already joined the waiting list, which is filling up fast.

After months of anticipation and well-deserved hype, Q1 2023 is finally almost here, and the global Bitcoin mining community couldn’t be more excited. PEGA Pool isn’t only ranked as the 13th biggest BTC mining pool worldwide, but they’re also the first eco-friendly mining pool that’s determined to make a real difference in the industry.

While cryptocurrency has undoubtedly made a powerful economic difference for societies worldwide, such perks carry a high price tag – and the environment is bearing the brunt of it. Studies show that crypto mining in the US released almost 30 million tons of carbon dioxide between mid-2021 and 2022. That’s three times more CO2 than America’s largest coal plant emitted in 2021, and the situation is only getting worse – with Bitcoin being the most notorious culprit in the crypto family.

Bitcoin (BTC) mining has had a devastating impact on the environment since its inception back in 2009. In fact, research from last year showed that one single Bitcoin transaction generates as much power as the average US household does in an entire month.

The solution isn’t to cease BTC mining activity altogether, which is why the PEGA Pool team has devised a better plan. They’re using a portion of their pool fees to plant new trees, which will draw CO2 out of our environment and create new oxygen to boot. While hundreds of millions of trees would be needed to see a noticeable environmental improvement, the PEGA Pool team knows that the journey of 1000 miles starts with one step – or, in this case, one seed. PEGA Pool has already planted more than 70,000 trees so far, which will showcase an estimated annual offset of around 1865T of CO2.

PEGA Pool is excited to be rewarding BTC miners worldwide with drastically reduced pool fees, which also serves to help them in the face of the dropping Bitcoin price as well as rising hash rate costs. BTC miners are struggling to make ends meet more than they ever have before, and PEGA Pool is swooping in to save the day in the hopes that miners can afford to keep mining with confidence.

PEGA Pool is proudly UK-owned and -operated, and they’re giving early-bird members a 50% discount on their pool fees post-launch. Those who are eligible to join as BETA testers during the pre-launch period will enjoy a 100% discount ahead of the big launch.

2,444 miners have already joined the waiting list, which is filling up fast. Claim one of the last available spots before PEGA Pool goes mainstream in Q1 of 2023. The eco-friendly mining pool is on the brink of becoming the most ecological mining pool on the planet, and they’re excited to be expanding their international army of forward-thinking BTC miners who are ready to blaze the road ahead as a collective.

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