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PlatinCoin (PLC) Recognized among World’s Top 200 Cryptocurrencies

January 31st, 2019 at 11:08 pm UTC · 1 min read

As of today, Platincoin (PLC) capitalization totals $9 559 220

Daily trading volumes increased to over $2.5 million. The total number of PLCs currently in circulation is 700,000.

At the moment, PLC is traded at $ 13.66. Since the beginning of 2019, its growth rate reached about 11%. And once it was listed on Coinmarketcap, the price has grown by 254%.

According to the representative of  Platincoin:

“Our international team took several months of hard work to get into the top 200. We thank CoinmarketCap for appreciating our efforts. Platincoin strategy aimed at the continued development and expansion of infrastructure of the market of crypto. We believe in the potential of blockchain technologies and believe that they are the future.”

Coinmarketcap (CMC) is a reputable portal tracking cryptocurrency capitalizations. Listing with Coinmarketcap serves as a seal of excellence for each coin. In order to make it to CMC, a crypto project must prove its technological value and benefits for the market and go through a tough selection process organized by the platform moderators.



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