PlusCoin Marketplace Announces Monthly 20% Discount Till Launch

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PlusCoin Marketplace Announces Monthly 20% Discount Till Launch
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PlusCoin, a decentralized Ethereum-based cashback platform, offers 20% discount on its new tokens last Friday each month till the launch of their platform.

Black Friday sales in crypto, known for offering huge discounts to early investors, are certainly a new thing when it comes to ICOs. With the Black Friday fever at its peak last week around, some cryptocurrency ICOs offered a black Аriday-esque discount on their tokens in order to generate maximum activity on their platforms.

But since offering coins at a discounted rate on black Friday is a new phenomenon in the crypto world, many investors missed out on buying tokens at discount on November 24th this year. Now that the black Friday is over, many wish they had seized the moment.

Luckily, PlusCoin, a new crypto marketplace, is continuing to offer a 20% discount on its new tokens on last Friday each month till the launch of their platform. This discount is  expected to generate strong interest in the new coin.

What the New PlusCoin Really Is?

PlusCoin is a new cryptocurrency and a decentralized marketplace that offers a cashback solution, becoming one of the pioneers in trying to implement this groundbreaking option in the crypto world.

The cashback solution will allow companies to feature their products, including bigwigs like KFC, Nike, Reebok, and Burger King, on PlusCoin’s new platform. Buyers, in their turn, will be able to get rewards in the form of PlusCoin tokens whenever they make a purchase on the new decentralized platform.

Looking beyond just creation of a fully functional marketplace, but aiming to make the platform a kind of standard globally, the PlusCoin team develops a native P2P platform, where PlusCoin users could trade the platform’s token. In addition, there will be a market aggregator, which will enable users converse fiat currency to PLC tokens and vice versa.

Apart from that, a cryptoscoring feature that will allow users to be ranked with each other is also under development. This ranking could later on become the basis for trust (especially when speaking about lending purposes) thus benefitting crypto credit institutions. All of these features are believed to help PlusCoin go global and appeal to a wide range of users.

To sum up, PlusCoin is not just another crypto marketplace solution – it is a move to popularize blockchain around the world with innovative approaches. The platform of PlusCoin is called DS plus and, as mentioned earlier, is based on the Ethereum blockchain and its’ ERC-20 Tokens.

PlusCoin ICO

PlusCoin is undergoing the fourth phase of its ICO , which will continue till December 31, 2017. This means that there is another Friday to look forward to for the extra 20% sales. The current price of the token is $14.5 with the hard cap for the ICO making 9 million tokens.

Note, the bigger number of tokens early investors purchase, the bigger discounts they get – so carpe diem!

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