“Is Binance Trustworthy?” Asks Cuscal as Polygon and DogeMiyagi Conquer Market

Place/Date: - May 22nd, 2023 at 8:34 am UTC · 3 min read
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While the cryptocurrency is met with a positive sentiment by many, others receive it with a grain of salt. Australia’s Cuscal recently barred users from accessing the Australian leg of Binance. As if to ask, “Is Binance Trustworthy?” – the service provider is the latest among regulatory bodies and companies that have expressed dissent over the DEX.

Elsewhere on the market, Polygon is enjoying the efforts of the company’s zkEVM, while the up-and-coming DogeMiyagi is all set to launch and take over the crypto scene. Read on to find out how they just might do it!

“Is Binance Trustworthy?” Asks Cuscal as Polygon and DogeMiyagi Conquer Market

Cuscal Renounces Binance

Binance Australia announced on social media on Thursday that some Australian citizens will not be able to use the PayID deposits function for transactions after a third-party payments provider cut off access.

A spokesperson reported that deposits of the Australian Dollar (AUD) through bank transfer would be prohibited for Aussie Binance users. According to the report, withdrawals could also be affected, which did not specify the date when this change would take effect.

Binance also posted that they are actively working to find an alternative to allow AUD transactions on the platform. The move follows a similar ban by Westpac Banking Corp, Australia’s second-largest retail bank.

Polygon Favoured by zkEVM

The Polygon zkEVM protocol has grown immensely since its launch, particularly in its Transactions Per Second (TPS), which increased by 636%, according to data from L2Beat. This protocol aims to enhance functionality and compete with other Layer 2 solutions on Ethereum. Other key metrics, such as Total Value Locked (TVL), have also shown positive growth. However, Polygon still lags behind competitors like Arbitrum in terms of performance metrics.

Despite this, the price of Polygon’s token MATIC has remained strong,making it the 9th largest cryptocurrencies in the industry by market capitalization. The support and adoption of Polygon by major Web2 companies like Starbucks and Adidas contribute to its potential long-term growth.

“Is Binance Trustworthy?” Asks Cuscal as Polygon and DogeMiyagi Conquer Market

DogeMiyagi – the Crypto Sensei

Introducing DogeMiyagi (MIYAGI), the newest meme currency, creating a buzz in the market. Unlike its counterparts, DogeMiyagi is here for the long haul, promising an exhilarating adventure if you are a MIYAGI holder!

MIYAGI holds community values very close to its heart and has a strong emphasis on community involvement and transparency, granting VIP access to what will be a thrilling spectacle. Jump on board early and reap the rewards of the token’s remarkable growth: with a staggering 60% of tokens reserved for the presale, you have the exclusive opportunity to be part of this extraordinary journey from the very beginning!

That’s not all: 24% of the tokens are set aside to be available on exchanges, giving you direct access to top trading platforms. Prepare for a surge in trading opportunities and leverage your crypto expertise to the fullest.

And here’s the cherry on top! DogeMiyagi’s Referral scheme offers a not-to-be-missed chance to earn free cryptocurrency. Simply spread the DogeMiyagi love, invite others to join, and receive an impressive 10% commission. It’s an exciting way to share enthusiasm and be rewarded with cryptocurrency in return!

“Is Binance Trustworthy?” Asks Cuscal as Polygon and DogeMiyagi Conquer Market

The Takeaway

Is Binance Trustworthy? As the largest DEX in the world by market capitalization, it surely is. Whether Polygon can keep up its newfound momentum remains to be seen. However, DogeMiyagi shows promise with its innovative features. With a strong sense of community, one of the most crucial features that power a cryptocurrency, this wise sensei is sure to take over the market as it should!

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