Profitable Cryptos This August: Ripple and Persystic Token

Place/Date: - August 15th, 2022 at 8:46 am UTC · 3 min read
Source: Persystic

The crypto market has finally seen an upward trend after struggling with a market gloom that had been going on since the beginning of the financial year. With the onset of the new month, it could be the right time to reassess your digital assets portfolio and make some timely adjustments.

It is wise to include cryptos of different ages, scalability, features, and blockchains to maintain a diverse portfolio that is immune to market volatility.

A rule of thumb to investing in crypto is that one must invest only as much as one can afford to lose. With these basic guidelines in mind and ideal market research, a profitable portfolio is a very achievable concept.

Here are two tokens that are essentially different from each other but could be a great addition to your portfolio.

Profitable Cryptos This August: Ripple and Persystic Token

Ripple (XRP) Diversifies Its Scope with New Collaborations

Ripple (XRP) makes faster and less expensive payments available through its exchange platform and remittance network.

The XRP coin is collaborating with an increasing number of digital exchanges to broaden the range of currencies for which it may be traded, and to increase financial inclusion and access to credit.

The recent accumulation of XRP tokens by several whales also increased trust in the coin’s potential for profitability.

FOMO Pay, a Singaporean payments company, and Ripple (XRP) recently announced a new collaboration. In essence, the On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service from Ripple (XRP) that FOMO Pay has access to uses XRP currency.

It was designed as a link between XRP and fiat currency. Ripple takes it upon itself to verify each transaction by cooperating with banks and other financial organisations.

At press time, XRP is valued at $0.35 which makes it affordable to investors and it has a promising market capitalisation of $17 billion.

Profitable Cryptos This August: Ripple and Persystic Token

Persystic Token (PSYS) Enters the Market

With a converged aim to provide its investors with a steady passive income, Persystic Token (PSYS) has entered the market. It has built a decentralised social network that will financially secure its community members.

Persystic represents a fundamental shift in how people communicate with one another and the technology they employ to extract value from their data.

The platform is building a new concept known as the “value of people” by presenting talents from both an artistic and entrepreneurial point of view. The native token PSYS is available for acquisition on the Binance Smart Chain.

To create a sustainable model, Persystic Tokens (PSYS) can be acquired with the side benefit of earning bonuses. For instance, if you share the referral code with a friend, both parties will be liable for a bonus.

If you choose to spend $50 for token acquisition, you and the code receiver will earn $25 each. Moreover, if you invest within minutes of registering, you can earn a relevant percentage of bonus on your investment amount.

It is highly advised to be backed by market research before investing in the fintech space. Both Ripple (XRP) and Persystic (PSYS), if acquired in balanced amounts, could be great for a portfolio that is profitable and stable in the highly volatile crypto market.

To learn more about Persystic, use the links: Website, Presale, Telegram.

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