Malaysian E-Commerce Giant PUC Berhad Partners with Wanchain to Introduce Blockchain Initiatives

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Malaysian E-Commerce Giant PUC Berhad Partners with Wanchain to Introduce Blockchain Initiatives
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Blockchain solutions firm, Wanchain, has announced its partnership with a Malaysian e-commerce giant, PUC Berhad, aimed at the introduction of blockchain enterprise solutions.

Wanchain, a cross-blockchain solutions provider, has now announced an official partnership with an integrated media and payment solutions Malaysian firm, PUC Berhad. PUC is an experienced firm and is reputable for running a few ventures across different industries including Artificial Intelligence, new media, FinTech and a host of others. PUC is also well known in Malaysia as the brain behind PrestoMall, one of the country’s most popular online markets and also the Presto Super App.

According to the official announcement, PUC Berhad’s intended blockchain endeavors will now be solely handled by Wanchain. Together, both firms will be introducing blockchain solutions to all of PUC Berhad’s businesses, while ensuring that they keep up with all new innovations in the sector. Wanchain, which is already dedicated to providing applicable and useful blockchain solutions, would also be supporting PUC Berhad with new ways the firm can grow its business using blockchain technology.

At the moment, PUC Berhad has highlighted three major ways through which Wanchain’s blockchain enterprise solutions, can help the firm’s business. They include:

  • Decentralized credit scoring
  • Tokenization of loyalty points for use in PUC’s ecosystem
  • Microlending

The partnership will begin working together on these initiatives as mentioned above but will also continue to look for more ways to better PUC Berhad’s core business functions, using various blockchain solutions. Further fruits that this partnership could bear in the future, include the possible establishment of a decentralized exchange for digital currencies, creation of a wallet and also a related payment system.

Kenneth Hiew, the Group Chief Commercial Officer for PUC Berhad, mentioned that the application of blockchain to the group’s functions would definitely add significant benefits which will improve that efficiency and effectiveness.

According to Hiew:

“A partnership with Wanchain will strengthen our position in the blockchain vertical as we look to incorporate this groundbreaking technology in various aspects of our business. We look forward to working together to bring added efficiencies, customer offerings, and other benefits to PUC’s ecosystem.”

Jack Lu, the CEO and Founder of Wanchain, also expressed the possibility of more collaborations between Wanchain and many other traditional institutions who have a desire to enter the blockchain ecosystem. According to Lu:

“This is only the first of several upcoming cooperations between Wanchain and traditional companies looking to integrate blockchain into their business, and is significant not only for the Wanchain organization, but for the greater adoption and use of blockchain worldwide. Wanchain aims to be the go-to blockchain for businesses looking to take advantage of the uniquely powerful benefits blockchain brings.”

Furthermore, the PUC Berhad brand intends to introduce more than a few more consumer-facing products sometime in the near future and the creation and deployment of these products would easily be aided by blockchain using Wanchain’s solutions.

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