Suspended Galaxy Fold from Samsung Now Ready for September Launch

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Suspended Galaxy Fold from Samsung Now Ready for September Launch
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Samsung has announced that it will be launching the previously suspended Galaxy Fold smartphone in September 2019. Postponed from its earlier April launch, major adjustments have now been made, increasing its durability.

The Galaxy Fold, a foldable smartphone from Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, will now be available for purchase from September 2019. The Fold will initially go on sale in select markets after it is officially launched. Samsung originally planned to launch the new smartphone back in April but had to postpone said plans when reports from several reviewers came back negative.

Bad Reviews

A few months ago, news of the Galaxy Fold along with several photos and videos flooded the internet making the smartphone highly anticipated by the general public. However, feedback received showed that the phone had quite a few defects. Most of the reviewers, even though reportedly few, had problems with the phone’s hinges and some even sent back the devices with broken screens. Samsung supposedly held the reviewers responsible at the beginning but as time went on, there was too much bad press, forcing the company to completely suspend the launch.

It’s now about three months after the initial release date and Samsung has announced it will be ready to launch sometime in September. No specific date has been announced.

Notable Changes and Improvements

According to the official announcement on the Samsung Newsroom site, a few changes have been made to ensure the product is a lot more sturdy and responsive to all the vigorous tests carried out.

  • Some reviewers reportedly removed the top protective layer because it looked like temporary protection against impact during transit. Samsung has noted that this shouldn’t be removed and has extended the protection for the phone’s Infinity Flex Display past the bezel, making it clearer that the layer should stay put.
  • The phone’s hinge area has also been re-enforced with additional protection caps, to make it a lot stronger and less susceptible to damage.
  • The Infinity Flex Display now has more metal layers added beneath it, to ensure it can withstand impact a bit more.
  • There are also a few more general reinforcements around the phone for better protection against external elements that could normally be damaging to it.
  • Changes have also been made to the general software and user experience with a lot more optimized apps and services.

At the moment, final tests are currently being carried out and it is hoped that the almost $2,000 smartphone will live up to all of its hype.

Samsung Stock

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s current share price sits at 47,200 KRW which is roughly $39.97 at current rates. This shows an 800 KRW (1.72%) increase from its previous close of 47,200 KRW and with a 5-day performance increase of 2.39%.

Samsung currently trades on the Korea Exchange (KRX) and could be a bit tricky for interested non-Koreans to buy-in. There are global depository receipts (GDR) in Europe but there also are other ways to buy shares.

Local South Korean brokers are the best way to invest directly, and after some paperwork is completed, the broker then assists with creating a stock trading account with a local securities firm and then trading can begin after funds are transferred.

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