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Will PYUSD Achieve Stablecoin Dominance: Pomerdoge Is Bringing Back the Foundations of Crypto

August 15th, 2023 at 7:19 am UTC · 3 min read

Will PYUSD Achieve Stablecoin Dominance: Pomerdoge Is Bringing Back the Foundations of Crypto
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PayPal aims to capture the crypto market with PYUSD. In other news, Pomerdoge is gaining new investors. It promises to offer greater rewards to investors.


  • PayPal Stablecoin (PYUSD) launched to a lukewarm response.
  • Pomerdoge registers a price rise and looks to grow by 40x.

Will PYUSD Achieve Stablecoin Dominance: Pomerdoge Is Bringing Back the Foundations of Crypto

Mixed Reactions for PayPal Stablecoin (PYUSD)

PayPal is a well-known global payment leader in the market. The company recently announced the launch of its digital currency. The PYUSD  stablecoin is backed by US dollar deposits. It will connect fiat and digital currencies within the PayPal network. PYUSD is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

In less than 24 hours, the Huobi crypto exchange announced it would list PYUSD on its network. Bitmart also said users can begin trading PYUSD from 08th August. Other leading exchanges are yet to list PYUSD.

The president and CEO of PayPal, Dan Schulman, said the company wants to contribute to the growth of the digital currency. He added that innovation and compliance are important to them.

Nevertheless, things may not be easy for PYUSD. Firstly, many crypto fans consider PYUSD to be a centralized stablecoin. PayPal gets the right to freeze and wipe user balances when required by government agencies.

Secondly, PYUSD has been written in Solidity vo.4.24. It is infamous for its lack of scalability and security. Thirdly, the uncertainties in US regulations for cryptocurrency put PYUSD on the high-risk list.

Some users also wonder if PYUSD benefits the average consumer. PYUSD doesn’t seem to have a competitive edge. Of course, the stablecoin could still disrupt the crypto market. It can be possible if some of the PayPal users convert their USD balances to PYUSD. But the question is, will this happen?

Pomerdoge (POMD) Presale Attracts Large Investors

Pomerdoge is a P2E crypto game ready to take over the crypto market. It aims to dethrone leading meme coins like Pepe, Doge, etc. The platform will create a community for users from around the world to interact with each other. Moreover, Pomerdoge combines gaming and earning. It can help players win prizes and earn rewards through the POMD token.

The Pomerdoge ecosystem will have Pomergame, Pomerplace, and NFTs. In fact, the platform will release its collection of 7,777 NFTs in August and September for presale investors. Users with gold status can sell skins and avatars and earn POMD.

POMD token holders can earn a percentage of the revenue. This will be proportional to the number of tokens they own. With the Pomerdoge token priced at only $0.008, it’s a great chance to enter the crypto market, and build a strong portfolio. Moreover, analysts predict the POMD token will grow by 4,000% in the next few weeks.

Pomerdoge is, no doubt, a promising investment opportunity despite market volatility. It has even passed the audit by Interfi Network. Pomerdoge is all set to launch in Q4 of 2023. It’s no surprise that many investors are buying POMD tokens in bulk.

Learn about Pomerdoge (POMD) presale happening today: WebsiteTelegram communityTwitter.

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