Quantum Computing to be Shared with the World Through Cloud Technology Thanks to Qilimanjaro

May 21st, 2018 at 11:17 pm UTC · 2 min read

Quantum Computing has come a long way since being theorized. Qilimanjaro is ready to help take it to the next step. Quantum Computers will be able to help humanity solve problems like modelling complex chemical processes which current computers do not have the capacity to do.

Companies like Google, IBM and smaller startups are working rigorously to create the next generation of quantum computers, but there is still a long road ahead.

Qilimanjaro: Bringing the Future to You

Qilimanjaro wants to share this technology with the public to help accelerate the progress that is being made by private companies. Quantum technology is currently highly centralised, resulting in a small number of individuals having access to the technology.

Keeping such a powerful and complicated technology in the hands of few hinders the potential progression that can be made.

This is where Qilimanjaro shine, as they aim to share this technology with the world via cloud computing allowing everyday people to work with quantum computing without the need for aposition in a specific company or the financial burdens of expensive hardware.

Qilimanjaro’s Computing and Software Services

Qilimanjaro wants to provide two unique services to users: Qilimanjaro Computing Services (QCS) and Qilimanjaro Software Services (QSS). Both tools aim to share quantum technology at an affordable price for anyone to have a crack at:

  • The QCS was built in stages to help achieve a computing power that can reach tens of qubits which is accessible to anyone and everyone with a simple user friendly cloud platform. This platform will allow external users to form custom programs via the online editor which has all the features necessary to allow users to tailor the programs to their needs.
  • The QSS will aid companies, startups and individuals who want to engage with quantum algorithms to help solve problems by running and analyzing experiments on their quantum computer. QSS will assemble an operating system that can be featured on their very own Qilimanjaro Quantum computer which provides a powerful service to its users. Furthermore it will allow users to optimize existing quantum algorithms on current quantum hardware.

Qilimanjaro have also created a universal quantum open source language called Qibo which allows users to work over any quantum programming environment. This tool is key to boosting quantum technologies designed to reach a broad collective of software developers.