Sophistication and Simplicity on the Four-in-One CGCX Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

May 21st, 2018 at 11:05 pm UTC · 3 min read

Cryptocurrency exchanges have stagnated in their capacities to innovate and provide versatile trading tools, ones that are ready for the ever-advancing blockchain era are needed.

Presently, the majority of crypto-exchanges tend only to facilitate cryptocurrency trading, leaving users without many other exciting or diverse ways to spend, send and invest their accumulated cryptocurrencies.

Going beyond the norm, CGCX is raising the bar by offering a number of secure, cost-effective and innovative tools to cryptocurrency traders, businesses, merchants and consumers.

The CGCX platform has bundled together four modules that when put together, completely transforms how the world will engage with cryptocurrencies.

CGCX: 4-in-1 Features

Exchange: This part of the platform is a 24/7 cryptocurrency hybrid exchange offering a broad and growing range of cryptocurrencies, fiat and other assets. Additionally, the exchange is loaded with state-of-the-art security, bot prevention and IP flagging as well as real-time settlements of financial instruments.

The exchange also offers a versatile range of order types and innovations; furthermore, the exchange has multiple and competitive fiat to cryptocurrency exchange rates, which include: Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Korean Won, Singapore Dollar (SGD) and more.

Merchant Tools: Merchants who wish to accept cryptocurrency can now do so simply and easily; with the CGCX Merchant payment system, e-commerce businesses can use the CGCX plugin or API which contains features such as:

  • Multi-Currency Conversion
  • Integrated exchange rates
  • Know your customer
  • Reports & Analytics

ICO Listing: Initial Coin Offerings are extremely popular investment opportunities but often have issues with ease of access; the CGCX community will be in control of which ICOs make it on to the platform, making CGCX a launchpad for new cryptocurrencies.

Smart Contracts: Smart contracts will be the fourth module in the CGCX platform that brings speed and cost-effectiveness to all trades that occur on the platform. Self-executable trades and settlements trigger once the conditions of the contract are met, speeding up turnaround times and saving money.

The CGCX exchange is also insured against cyber attacks; all tokens held within wallet son the exchange are protected, relieving CGCX wallet owners of concerns regarding how their cryptocurrencies are stored.

The team behind the exchange has decades of collective financial and blockchain experience, and understand that the exchange should cater towards the needs of those who are worried about cyber-security as well as that of newcomers seeking to purchase their first bitcoin, or larger institutional investors who seek to trade larger than average amounts and volumes.

CGCX Token Sale and Token Economics

The platform will have its own utility token aptly named CGCX; the ERC20 compliant token supports all Ethereum (ETH) wallets. A quantity of 1 Billion CGCX tokens will be offered, which is 50% of the total issuance volume of 2 Billion. CGCX tokens will be priced at 1 ETH per 8500 CGCX tokens.

The token Pre-Sale is live with a 20% bonus ending May 25th, 2018, and the Main Sale begins June 1st, 2018 and ends June 30th, 2018. The CGCX token is a vital part of the platform’s ecosystem; the tokens can be used as the payment for transaction costs of trades and earn discounts on transactions fees as detailed below:

  • Year 1 = 50% Discount
  • Year 2 = 25% Discount
  • Year 3 = 15% Discount
  • Year 4 = 6.5% Discount
  • Year 5+ = 5% Discount