Cardano DEX Ravendex Readies for Next Exchange Listing as ISPO Continues

April 19th, 2022 at 6:48 am UTC · 2 min read

Cardano DEX Ravendex Readies for Next Exchange Listing as ISPO Continues

The Ravendex team has announced plans for a 4th exchange listing. Ravendex is on a mission to develop an all-in-one Defi Ecosystem on the Cardano Ecosystem which will include a Launchpad, a decentralised exchange (DEX) and a Permissionless Staking vault where you can Earn Rave tokens without them ever leaving your wallet.

Ravendex will empower developer looking to launch their ideas on the Cardano blockchain by providing them with a wide range of services, including an IDO Launchpad.

Using the Cardano Proof Of Stake System, Ravendex utilized it to develop a mechanism by which ADA holders to stake their tokens on the RaveP Stake pool and they will be rewarded with Rave Tokens every five days.

Users can earn $RAVE tokens without spending their ADA. The which has been running for over 6 Epochs has seen over 5,000,000 Rave tokens to be distributed as rewards to delegators.

Cardano holders staking to the RAVE pool will receive 0.0325 Rave Tokens for every ADA stake per epoch.

Users will also be able to vote for their favorite projects on the Ravendex launchpad by holding their $RAVE tokens. The more the better, because each token adds weight to the vote.

The Cardano-native decentralized asset, Rave has been listed on exchanges like CoinMarketCap, Bitmart, Bitrue, and Sundaeswap.

It is also set to be listed on a top-rated exchange in the coming days.

Rave token daily trading value is above $300,000, as per CoinMarketCap.

How to Stake ADA To RaveP Pool?

  1. Use Daedalus or Yoroi wallets which allow ADA holders to stake their assets to pool in exchange for rewards.
  2. With the Ticker RAVEP, users just need to stake their ADA to the Ravendex RAVEP stake pools. They will be rewarded with $RAVE tokens based on the amount and duration of ADA staked.
  3. Go to the Ravendex ISPO page for more information on earning rewards without spending your ADA!

Visit Ravendex ISPO Page For More Information.

Buy Rave on Bitmart. Buy Rave on Sundaeswap.

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