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Despite blockchain-based solutions have revolutionized a number of spheres, none has been able to boast total security and anonymity until now. Meet ADAMANT, first of its kind messenger, which takes our privacy seriously.

In today’s world of online shopping, social media, smartphone applications, and networking, our personal information and data is daily broadcasted to invasive companies and governments, reducing the privacy in our everyday lives.

These data mining companies are eager to accumulate every nanometre of personal information in order to maximize profit and financial gain. Data gathering and storage has become a considerably large business. Some companies collect our information for their own marketing strategies, while others collect our personal data to sell it directly to any buyer willing to pay the highest price.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, who has installed a worthy app on their cell phone, and actually took the time to read the permissions you give it.

Most people willingly give their personal information away (contacts details, email addresses, camera and microphone-use, etc), simply because they believe the app has greate value that will make their lives more comfortable.

This is the reason why so many of us are bombarded with ads and emails from places we have never heard of on such a regular basis. Marketing has reached an advanced technological level, and it is at the users expense. With this collection of general information, elections can be swayed, and our general ideology can be reprogrammed subconsciously, without our awareness.

What can we do to detour this immense influence? First, we must disallow anyone to collect our personal information. How can we accomplish this and still have the same conveniences we have come so accustomed to utilize?

We can become familiar with the new and inventive technology that can replace them. Instead of choosing the Technology, which will become an uninvited curse trapping us to depend upon, we must become familiar with the Technology that will lead us back to personal choice and freedom.

So what is this New Technology you may ask? It’s called “Blockchain”, (originally Block Chain). The first implementation of this technology was introduced in the form of a Digital currency in 2009, named Bitcoin.

The ideology of the blockchain that began with Bitcoin, has advanced to much greater and more useful versions with the birth of newer coins (sometimes referred as alt coins of Bitcoin) and changes in the original code.

Blockchain uses an algorithmic and decentralized platform that is operated by computers from around the world. The technology has brought transparency and security to the scene, and anyone with the knowledge can improve and utilize it globally.

The beauty of blockchain tech is that there are many use-cases and applications that are now available and ready to be loaded into devices. Another brilliant feature is that there is no real need to understand code or technical details, because many applications (if not all) of this type are already very user-friendly, and can be easily verified to be secure and trustworthy.

The blockchain literally moves the internet to a much greater efficiency level, and is definitely here to stay, propelling the future of business and commerce, while improving and privatizing our lives to the greatest extent.

Digital Currency inherits the potential to entirely replace our current monetary system. Being decentralized and not regulated by governments, it’s a unique form of currency that is already being utilized globally with no single point of failure.

An interesting fact to note, is that the price of Bitcoin in US dollars started at $985.00 on February 1st 2017 and skyrocketed to a monumental $19,205.11 on December 17th 2017. No ROI calculation is required.

Bitcoin’s price (as the price of all the other cryptos) has quite a rich history of fluctuation since its conception. Still, it is believed to display real value within the society and is considered as a taxable currency in many countries throughout the world.

Predictions have estimated that Bitcoin could reach $25,000 this year. Regardless of the price, the technology behind it is what truly retains value. The technology of blockchain will change conventional business methods, and will develop various solutions that truly alleviate problems and provide alternative solutions.

As for privacy and security, people send and receive messages daily, and sometimes they need to be sure that their conversation will remain private. Recently there were no applications that can guarantee total security and anonymity. Fortunately, the situation has changed now.

ADAMANT Messenger utilizes encryption that is hidden within the blockchain in a private and absolutely anonymous platform. Taking data protection and anonymity seriously, “ADAMANT” (Abbreviation ADM) is a simple-to-use service for any web-based device you may be using, which allows to be confident that your identity is secure, IP address masked, and location untraceable.

Every message you send is automatically and completely encrypted on the sender’s end device, then decrypted on the recipient’s side. Furthermore, the message history is never stored on a device but is directly loaded from the blockchain.

ADAMANT accounts can not be closed, blocked or limited by anyone, including the developers. All work is done locally on the user’s device; therefore no users’ Private Data is transferred. This client app is actually incapable of transferring a user’s Private Key or mnemonic phrase (your password) over the network.


ADAMANT is currently at the third stage of its ongoing ICO. Today’s ADM token price makes 0004 Ethereum. Despite this stage is the last one, there are still bonuses available for interested contributors.

Those, who invest from 20 to 30 ETH receive 20% for total ADM gain volume, from 30 to 50 ETH – 30%, contributors of 50-90 ETH boast as much as 40%, and, finally, if one sponsors more than 90 ETH, he will receive no less than 50% for total ADM gain volume.

The project is soft capped at $500,000, while the hard cap makes $8,000,000. According to the project’s whitepaper, all funds raised during the ICO will be used for ADAMANT development, support and evolution.

In its intention to make ADM tokens even more valuable, ADAMANT will distribute all the ICO tokens being unsold among the actual ADM owners. In such a way, their wallet balances will proportionally grow by 5% monthly for an estimate period of a one year after the ICO ends up.

This means, the earlier you’ll support ADAMANT, and the longer you’ll hold its tokens, the more “grow”-bonuses you’ll get. But note, wallets with their balance being less than 10 ADM tokens do not participate in the token distribution event.

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