ReferralCoin Strengthens Network Marketing Industry, Invites Investors to Join the Revolution

Place/Date: London, UK - January 25th, 2017 at 2:20 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Steve Dryall, Source: Referral Group Ltd

The organization behind ReferralCoin, Referral Foundation is in the process of introducing the state-of-the-art blockchain technology to the $178 billion-dollar network and MLM industry. Referral marketing is one of the most effective and widely used methods for promoting goods and services, yet it has not seen a technology upgrade for a long time. The specifically designed ReferralCoin will change all that by offering solutions tailor-made to fit the market’s needs.

Contrary to the perception, ReferralCoin is a cryptocurrency based payment system and not a digital currency that’s sold through MLM methods, like few other coins in the market. The ReferralCoin network allows companies and businesses to handle complex pay-out structures and make transactions of any size to anywhere in the world. ReferralCoin offers all the goodness of cryptocurrencies like transparency, ease of use, negligible transaction fees and more.

In order to facilitate the use of ReferralCoin, the foundation has forged partnerships with some of the leading technology providers and other organizations in MLM and referral marketing industry. A collaborative effort from all the players in the industry will enable faster adoption of ReferralCoin powered digital currency technology.

The Referral Foundation has started the initial distribution process for ReferralCoin. The digital currency is now available for purchase on Coinsquare, a popular Canadian cryptocurrency exchange platform. Investors looking forward to buying ReferralCoin can do so by either signing into their Coinsquare account and purchase it with their account balance or by sending Bitcoin to an address mentioned on the dedicated ReferralCoin purchase page. Those opting to buy ReferralCoin from the website can skip the whole process of creating and using a Coinsquare account. However, they will have to enter their email address to receive the status of their ReferralCoin allocation.

About Referral Foundation

The London-based cryptocurrency startup, Referral Foundation is introducing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to the referral marketing economics. The platform is involved in educating the industry on the potential of digital currency. Referral Foundation is an initiative of the Referral Group Limited.

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