RefToken Releases a Prototype of the World’s First Blockchain Affiliate Platform

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read
RefToken Releases a Prototype of the World’s First Blockchain Affiliate Platform
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RefToken will be the world’s first affiliate tracking system that will allow brands easily connect with affiliates and manage their relationships.

RefToken has launched the prototype of its blockchain affiliate tracking software that will enable developers to connect with thousands of influencers who will help to bring their projects into the mainstream.

“With today’s release, the RefToken platform is one step closer to its Q4 public beta, an event that all our team are working tirelessly towards,” said Jan Sammut,  RefToken CEO.

RefToken believes that there is a dire need for platforms like theirs to up-end the top-down approach that has defined the industry so far and work bottom-up, building the features that end users ascribe most value to, rather than what is assumed to be the highest priority in a quarterly brainstorm. This approach will deliver a better product faster, improve adoption, provide greater value to token holders, and establish RefToken as the undisputed blockchain affiliation platform.

As the Ethereum DAP ecosystem expands downstream towards B2C oriented applications, a key bottleneck will emerge where companies looking to scale rapidly will need to acquire end users at a rate that is greater than the adoption of blockchain tech. Due to the exponentially increasing cost of user acquisition, the most cost effective channel for these start-ups to acquire users is performance marketing (also known as affiliation).

Smart contracts will establish trustless relationships between brands and affiliates, with all revenue & conversion data secured on a blockchain, allowing instant payments for completed transactions.

The company is now open to suggestions from members of the Blockchain Affiliation Alliance, a non-profit group of affiliates and merchants committed to the benefit of the blockchain industry. The feedback will then be used to improve the development of the platform by adding additional features.  Early adopters of the prototype will be able to assess the platform’s use cases, while investors will be able analyze its potential and better understand how the system works.

RefToken will also be integrated with all main ad APIs, including Google AdWords and Facebook, allowing affiliates to compile end-to-end ROI reports and compare where they’re best investing their media spend, eliminating hours of manual weekly reporting.

The company is also planning to launch pre ICO this September.

Earlier this week, a pre ICO was started by ATLANT, a blockchain-based real estate platform, which will enable users to trade tokenized property units, eliminating high barriers of entry and expensive attorneys.

On Tuesday, a blockchain platform for operating decentralized peer-to-peer marketplaces, District0x, announced that it secured $10 million in ether in an ICO that had been running for two weeks.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recently informed that ICOs will become subject to the same requirements of the federal securities as traditional securities sales. The announcement will likely provoke intense discussions in the blockchain community.

Tim Lea, CEO at Australian blockchain startup, expressed his opinion on the situation, saying that the changes will help to improve security of crowdsales while also introduce some complication with regulatory scrutiny.

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