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rent24 Introduces Its PRIMARY Platform Connecting Digital And Real Worlds

UTC by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
rent24 Introduces Its PRIMARY Platform Connecting Digital And Real Worlds

rent24 launches its PRIMARY platform – the world’s first blockchain solution for everyday life. The token sale begins on August 1, 2018.

As human interaction becomes more and more digital, a number of companies and projects are seeking to create a perfect platform for people wishing to embrace the future in terms of how they live, work and play.

rent24 is one of such companies, which sees its main goal in connecting blockchain technology with the real world. The company’s PRIMARY platform represents itself the world’s first blockchain solution for everyday life.

Being found in Berlin in 2016, rent24 creates and maintains co-working and co-living spaces that enable people to join communities where they can live, learn, work, share information and develop business ideas together. The platform’s ecosystem includes a range of leisure activities, gyms, cafes and restaurants, as well as other more serious pursuits.

With 35 locations currently operating worldwide, the company aims to reach over 60 by the end of 2018, and to double this number by the end of 2019. rent24’s partner alliance boasts such companies as Daimler, Allianz, deliveroo, and Tesla.

With PRIMARY, rent24 aims to provide a complete life solution for members. The platform celebrates and promotes cooperation and entrepreneurialism, allowing for tasks to be advertised in the community and completed by fellow members. The built-in remuneration system means these members will be rewarded with tokens that can be spent on any goods and services offered by rent24 and its affiliates, or converted into fiat currencies.

In addition, active users will be rewarded with status points, allowing for further benefits, such as the ability to promote startups and other projects within the community. This will encourage the users’ incentive to create and cooperate.

Robert Bukvic, rent 24 founder and CEO commented on the new development:

“All users have equal opportunities to use the platform – not only locally, but also globally. The level of reward that users send each other will be determined by the community itself. They determine what value to allocate to a service. Our Bricks & Clicks approach is creating a global community in its purest form by merging our physical locations with a decentralized digital platform.”

In addition, Damian Leich, co-founder, and CMO noted:

“Our platform functions as a link between the digital and the real world. Everybody can join, either as a member or as an alliance partner. It offers tangible benefits for every user.”

rent24’s token sale for the PRIMARY cryptocurrency will start on August 1, 2018. The company plans to reach $500 million in sales.

rent24, via its PRIMARY platform, is hoping to marry the real world with the digital and deliver a convincing and holistic decentralized solution to cater for all aspects of modern life, whether professional or recreational, with an emphasis on collaboration and the sharing of information. With an existing user-base and bricks and mortar already in place, and the benefits of cryptocurrency integration not far off, rent24 may indeed be able to make a success of the project.

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