RepuX Announces Public TGE to Revolutionize SMEs Data Sharing

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read

RepuX will make the process of data sharing and exchange more transparent and trustworthy with the launch of its TGE, officially starting today.

RepuX, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data business application based on Blockchain technology, has recently announced the launch of its public Token Generation Event (TGE), which officially starts today, on March 6th, 2018 at 2pm UTC.

The forthcoming event will be held in compliance with regulatory KYC/AML procedures, underlining the company’s intention to create a trustworthy and transparent live business data marketplace. The platform will implement a multi-sig cold storage wallet for the event, issuing token funds in timely periods.

As RepuX COO, Marcin Welner, has commented:

“Our aim in launching the RepuX TGE is to connect with businesses and gain global distribution for our utility token. With more than 70 years of combined professional experience in business, software development, and marketing, our core executive team is excited to see the innovation and unique business propositions developers create based on business data.”

RepuX’s blockchain-backed platform enables companies and firms to leverage business solutions through its very own data sharing network, targeting mostly Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

SMEs often lack in the necessary resources required to implement the data they have gathered to make impactful business decisions, while the developers are constantly seeking out for data sources to speed up the creation of machine learning and AI-driven apps, as well as looking for the customers to sell this information to.

RepuX opens access to a totally new marketplace of interconnected and secure information exchange. The platform unlocks the opportunity to leverage untapped potentials trapped within the disconnect between consumers, developers, and data providers, enabling a transparent exchange of values. Using RepuX platform backed by smart contracts, SMEs will be able to upload data, listing potential use cases for developers and consumers.

RepuX has recently collaborated with the leading crypto liquidity powerhouse, Bancor, aiming to facilitate liquidity for its anticipated token sale. Over 30,000 token buyers have already been whitelisted for the main sale, signalling that this mutually beneficial alliance is set to unleash a paradigm shift for SMEs on the blockchain. The platform is mostly focused on trust and transparency in all exchanges through a disintermediated protocol.

Developed on Ethereum blockchain protocol, RepuX utility token is ERC20 compatible, operating through its native smart contract. Apart from serving as the default currency for the settlement of all transactions on the network, the token will also provide access to the RepuX protocol, a secure and trustless mechanism for purchasing business data and business driven AI applications and algorithms.

RepuX will activate a Relay Token with 3% of its circulating token supply within a week following the successful completion of the anticipated public TGE event. Users will be able to purchase and sell RepuX tokens directly from any Web3 wallet at a formulaically calculated price.

RepuX is both a blockchain-backed protocol and a platform for SMEs to exchange data and values through a secure, decentralized network. The platform encrypts data, ensuring quality of exchange through reputation scores that are determined by purchasers of content on the RepuX platform.

The platform will enable seamless data exchange and rewards, revolutionizing how the process of data sharing across various industries, including ecommerce, healthcare, accounting, micro lending, and advertising, among many others.

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