Blockchain-based Business Integrator UniBright Launches TGE on April 10th

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read

A promising startup UniBright will facilitate the process of Blockchain adoption by businesses with the launch of its ICO on 10th April, 2018.

Blockchain, as a decentralized information storage and processing system, is one of the major technologies that is taking over the digital world. With its advantages of speed, less resource requirements, heavy encryption, resistance to malicious attacks and an “always-on” nature, it is one of the best options for businesses to adapt their systems on.

Even with its immense potential to save time and money, the process of the technology’s adoption by businesses is still very slow. Apart from the plethora of start ups, only a few established and well reputed organizations have plans to use Blockchain to their advantage. The reason for that lays mostly in the lack of experience.

The technology is new and there are still not many programmers available. The simple case of high demand and low supply makes Blockchain developers too expensive to hire for the majority of firms. Merging existing ERP systems into Blockchain is also a very difficult process, as this requires very high expertise.

Selecting the right Blockchain technology makes it very difficult to switch over. Selecting one type and spending resources on the development of ERP only to find that the selected technology is not compatible down the road and must be redone on another chain is not feasible. What is more, switching over to any new technology or process means a heavy investment of time and resources in teaching employees who are not technologically adept and require constant training and supervision.

UniBright is a startup, which team has more than two decades in SAP and other process integration service industry. The team understands the potential of Blockchain technology in the business field and also realizes the issues faced by organizations in adapting it. UniBright has been setup to assist firms in turning their processes into the Blockchain by offering services that are flexible and easy enough. They do this by offering their services in four steps.

Visual Workflow is the first step where a graphical interface allows users to connect the blocks and make a workflow. Each block represents a set of instructions that is pre defined and allows an array of processes to be established. In the second step, Contract Lifecycle Manager, the workflow is being evaluated, the best Blockchain protocol is being selected, and the instructions are being  translated into Blockchain program.

An executed Blockchain or a smart contract is only useful if the business can monitor the progress. The Explorer translates the working of the contracts into a user interface that is easy to understand, so that there is no specialist training required for employees to work on the system. Lastly, UniBright understands that a company cannot suddenly abandon a system and move to a new one. Using Connector, it integrates different IT systems seamlessly into the Blockchain, allowing companies to gradually shift to the new system.

The platform’s mode of payment for rendered services is its internal UniBright Token, UBT. Piggybacking the Ethereum public platform, the token is an industry-standard ERC20 Token, making it secure. To accelerate the development of the platform, the team will be holding a token distribution event, starting on 10th April, 2018 that will last till 10th May, 2018, available for USD 0.14 per UBT. Accepted currencies are ETH and BTC. Tokens not acquired in the distribution event will be burnt to ensure stable value.

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