Ripple-Compatible Chip Development Is Said to Be Sponsored by U.S. Navy 

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Ripple-Compatible Chip Development Is Said to Be Sponsored by U.S. Navy 
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Ripple and XRP are in the spotlight once again after the news that the U.S. Navy is hiring a firm to create implantable microchips that would be compatible with Ripple’s blockchain.

It was a huge breakthrough for Ripple and the XRP community after the company’s blockchain won a big boost from the U.S. Navy. In an interview, the president of Solari Inc., Catherine Austin Fitts, said a year ago the U.S. Navy had hired a Danish tech company to develop an implantable microchip and make it compatible with the Ripple blockchain.

The news coincided with a time when the crypto market is on the upward move after free-falling the first quarter. XRP has risen 15.32% in the past week and jumped a whopping 6.80% in the past 24 hours. The market cap is slightly above $20 billion, with the average XRP volume for the past seven days standing at $1.36 billion.

The news also coincided with a time when Ripple Inc. is making big internal improvements and changes to see its mission moved forward. First, it is all notable how detailed the Ripple website page has become, whereby, the company has added almost all information pertaining to its operation and also on XRP coin on the webpage.

All these have rejuvenated the XRP community and the criticizers at the same time. Whereby, on one side, the XRP enthusiast got something to prove how decentralized XRP is, while the critics claim it is all a show to defame the crypto market.

U.S. Navy Implantable Chips Compatible with Ripple

A crypto investor by the name Kelvin Cage went to Twitter to share a video showing an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. In the video, she confirms that a Danish tech firm was given the go-ahead to create an implantable microchip compatible with the Ripple blockchain.

In the interview, she also claimed that any information from her is very credible, basing that she is an experienced business person in Denmark who knows more than there seems. She said:

“Ripple is crypto and it’s the one that’s gotten a lot of promotion from the American establishment in my experience, just my impression.”

Earlier she also expressed her thoughts on Twitter.

The Bigger Picture

Ripple has in the past been making moves with the financial institutions, mostly to enhance the cross border payments which is a billion-dollar industry. With the urge to become the ultimate crypto community, it has been collaborating with the policymakers and regulators to steer forward the goal.

The announcement that it is collaborating with a government body, will go a long way in bridging trust with its customers, and in turn win more customers. However, on the other side, it will not be the most favorable with the darknet users who require total anonymity, basing their arguments that XRP is widely encroached by the slavery government system.

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