Ripple Army Urges Skype to Accept XRP as Means of Micro-Payment

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Ripple Army Urges Skype to Accept XRP as Means of Micro-Payment
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XRP supporters want Skype to integrate XRP as an option for micropayments and there are real chances that it may happen.

One of the main keys to the success of any crypto assets is the community that supports it and believes in its power. As for XRP, it is lucky to have a large army of fans that are interested it its mass adoption.

XRP on Skype?

As it has been revealed the community that actively supports XRP has once again turned to Microsoft’s messaging platform Skype to advise it to integrate the crypto asset into their network as means of micro-payment on the platform. It’s not the first time when XRP enthusiasts are sending requests of such a type to Skype, as a result, the Skype team promised to discuss this matter within their company.

To become mainstream, a cryptocurrency must achieve widespread adoption. Thanks to the products that are offered by Ripple and that use XRP as a base currency, this digital asset is actively gaining popularity not only among small fintech startups but also among serious financial institutions including major banks in different countries all over the world.

With a huge army of its supporters, clear road map, sophisticated approaches, and clever management, XRP is gradually coming closer to its aim. A new target on its way is Microsoft’s Skype. It is expected that this digital can be utilized for making micro-payments via XRPTipBot which can be also useful for Twitter, Reddit, Gmail, and other platforms.

The Ripple enthusiasts want to see XRP incorporated into the Skype platform to be used for its confrere calls and the VoIP system. A Twitter user known under the nickname ParisbyDavid turned to Skype to remind the team that in this era of micropayments, the needs of their clients have changed and recommended them to consider a possibility to add XRP as a currency of choice for settling micro-transactions.

Nevertheless, the most surprising thing in this very situation is that the Skype team has responded. “Petr from @Skype finally replied with a promising message (see below)”, wrote ParisbyDavid.

The Skype team member wants to engage the community to support this idea by voting and sharing their thoughts. It means that if the idea is supported by a great number of Skype users, new payment options will be added.

Though Petr from Skype emphasized that Skype is just a small unit of Microsoft and the idea should be accepted across the entire company, his response looks really promising.

Moreover, maybe it’s too early to say so but there are real grounds to suppose that this initiative is expected to go beyond just the XRP community and to engage supporters of other cryptos as well.

Skype and OTC markets

It’s also interesting to note that Skype today has an important influence on the growth of the OTC market. Last year, it was disclosed that many crypto trading companies use Skype to discuss the issues of purchasing, selling, and lending cryptocurrencies.

This platform is actively used by wealthy investors, BTC miners, payment processing companies, hedge funds, and many other industry’s players. For traders, it was necessary to find a convenient platform with a global coverage that could offer reasonable terms of us if its services and Skype excellently meets all these requirements.

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