Eugen Rosenmeier on Effects of Blockchain Technology on Digital Marketing

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Eugen Rosenmeier on Effects of Blockchain Technology on Digital Marketing
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According to statistics from Statista, research on blockchain is currently in progress in diverse industries including media, telecommunications, and technology.

According to Eugen Rosenmeier, a crypto expert, social media marketing professional, and digital marketing consultant for ICOs and blockchain companies, the rise of blockchain technology will have a significant impact on the digital marketing industry in the near future.

Eugen Rosenmeier from Latvia specializes in consulting and marketing and has previously hosted online courses and webinars on diverse topics including the cryptocurrency industry, social media marketing, real estate consulting, and using digital marketing to promote ICOs.

So, what impact will blockchain technology have on digital marketing trends in the future? Rosenmeier states that so far blockchain has already made a notable impact in most areas of business including finance and marketing departments.

Blockchain has significant value and benefits to digital marketers too. For instance, blockchain can effectively be used to help a company achieve its key marketing goals such as building strong brand recognition and combating fraud among others.

This is primarily because when used properly, blockchain technology can help address critical customer needs for data protection and transparency. To understand the full impact of blockchain on digital marketing, let’s first look at what blockchain really is and how it applies to marketing.

Blockchain from a Marketing Perspective?

So, what is blockchain? Eugen Rosenmeier describes blockchain as a set of digital records called blocks linked together without the use or need of third-party verification.

The technology became popular with the creation of Bitcoin. It’s the technology that Bitcoin and most of the other cryptocurrencies are based on.

Blockchain makes it possible for transactions to be verified and recorded without third-party verification. It’s quite useful for marketers because they can leverage blockchain’s positive attributes such as data protection and transparency, which are some of the key factors most customers are looking for in today’s internet-driven economy.

Data transparency and marketing have taken great strides in the last few years thanks to blockchain technology. You’ve probably heard the technology discussed in the financial and banking sectors but there are many other implications of blockchain besides the traditional markets.

Rosenmeier says that according to statistics from Statista, research on the blockchain is currently in progress in diverse industries including media, telecommunications, and technology.

The Statista report shows that 40% of the companies researching the use of blockchain technology are in the awareness stage while 30% are already experimenting with the technology, and 12% have already deployed and began using blockchain technology in their operations.

Application of Blockchain Technology in Digital Marketing

Blockchain technology is typically associated with finance so how would it be used in digital marketing?

Eugen Rosemeier reminds us that the technology is very relevant in marketing as it can be used to improve the way marketers collect and use data, how they manage advertisements, and how they address their customers’ needs.

Here are a few ways blockchain will affect digital marketing in the near future:

  • Keyword Tracking

One of the biggest challenges faced by marketers is the ability to track keywords accurately. There are two main obstacles that marketers face when tracking keywords.

First of all, major search engines like Google keep changing their algorithms through regular updates, which makes it necessary for marketers to constantly change and adapt to the changes.

Secondly, if you ask any marketer who has been in the industry for long, they’ll tell you how problematic it is when you try to track keywords on different devices.

Deciphering keywords collected from national versus local searches can be quite problematic too. Due to the complex nature of organic SERP rankings, many marketers end up making assumptions or guesses when creating keyword reports.

Thanks to blockchain technology, digital marketers can now get real numbers when tracking keywords. This is because a keyword tracker based on blockchain technology is more accurate and capable of accounting for all inconsistencies most marketers regularly face when creating reports.

Blockchain technology can accurately track different keyword positions on different devices and locations at the same time. This kind of information will help digital marketers to come up with more accurate data-driven campaigns.

  • Blockchain Impact on Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are changing at a rapid pace. A good example is Sociall which has changed how people view social media today.

Sociall is a decentralized network that allows users to discover information, connect with others, and share content without the usual social media surveillance.

Another platform that employs blockchain technology is WildSpark which was released by Synereo. WildSpark gives users a new way to “pay attention” by monetizing the most viral content.

Both Sociall and WildSpark provide users with better control over their content. They also reward viral content. Marketers can use decentralized platforms to gauge the popularity of their content.

Decentralized social networks also require absolute transparency, which is one of the most important values customers look for in any company operating online.

  • Acquisition of More Qualified Leads

Most of the data collection methods used today take a varied approach.

In fact, a majority of digital marketers normally collect their data from different sources then run their campaigns based on data from multiple sources, which in most cases provide conflicting results.

Most campaigns based on incorrect or inconsistent data always deliver poor ROI. On the other hand, blockchain transactions are decentralized and allow marketers to get data straight from the consumer.

As a marketer, you can incentivize or pay consumers to get real data straight from the source. Campaigns based on direct consumer data have the potential to deliver higher ROI.

  • Eliminating Ad Fraud

Blockchain technology can also help digital marketers combat fraud in the advertising industry.

If you have been running PPC ads for some time then you must be aware of how frequent click fraud happens in the advertising industry. Blockchain technology has been used to fight ad fraud successfully by companies such as AdChain.

The company uses AdChain Registry, which is basically a smart contract based on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure that all ad impressions and clicks are authentic.

The trusted blockchain platform helps to solve the highly prevalent problem of ad fraud and lack of transparency in the industry. AdChain’s Ethereum-based blockchain technology provides end-to-end transparency for data, which you’d hardly find in the traditional advertising industry today.

Who Is Eugen Rosenmeier

Eugen Rosenmeier is a well-known cryptocurrency expert, social media marketing professional, and digital marketing consultant who has helped many ICO launches and blockchain companies promote their products and services through the digital space.

He’s also a real estate consultant with years of experience in the industry. His services are tailored to help blockchain companies and real estate firms grow through social media and digital space.

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