Rublix Wants to Help Newcomers Succeed in Cryptocurrency Space

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Rublix Wants to Help Newcomers Succeed in Cryptocurrency Space

Rublix is developing some interesting projects aimed at improvement of transactions and scalability optimization.

There are companies that put great efforts to make the cryptocurrency market suitable and convenient for mainstream use. One of them, Rublix, has been created to eliminate the most common risks and issues in the world of decentralized markets. The company sees the necessity for transparency while creating an elite community of backers as the solution of most problems.

The platform enables trading between large cap cryptos on the market with lower exchange fees. It features the advanced block explorer that shows and logs realtime transaction data happening on the Rublix chain.

The Rublix framework was developed in close cooperation with some of the best designers and coders in the world. Now, the team will be appealing to professionals in the finance space who want to participate in the decentralized market.

Currently, Rublix is working on several interesting projects aimed at improvement of transactions and scalability optimization.


The flagship web application, TradersEdge, is a perfect way for users to enter the new cryptocurrency markets and do really well in them. The projects targets on removing as many barriers to success as possible and introducing traditional derivatives trading.

The Rublix team has not only developed a well-functioning and incredibly usable application, they have put an increased focus on how it will look. The company has employed UX and aesthetic designers to research and create beautiful and user friendly spaces for trading.

The application is scheduled for release in Quarter 2 (Q2) of 2018.


One of the major problems in cryptocurrency markets is fake or underwhelming analysts. Rublix is developing Hedge to address this challenge.

Rublix will reward experienced traders who have succeeded in investing capital to impart their trades and knowledge. Reputation and status will be calculated based on the age of account and value of trades. Thus, newcomers to the sphere will have an opportunity to follow advices of experts who have already approved themselves as intelligent investors.

Hedge is expected to be released in either Q1 or Q2 of 2018.


Centurio will provide Rublix native token and a wallet in which to store them. This cross-platform application will be available for everyone regardless of what Operating System (OS) they are running. The Rublix team is also planning to release a web client version for ease of use across multiple OSs.

This project will be launched very soon – the planned release date is Q3 or Q4 of 2017.

Rublix does its best to make the high-potential cryptocurrency industry looking not so frightening to newcomers since Michael Novogratz, a somewhat legendary figure, a $3.2 bln investor and former manager of the multi-billion dollar investment firm Fortress, has recently predicted that the cryptocurrency market can reach $5 trillion by 2022.

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