Scottie Pippen’s NFTs Sell Out in 77 Seconds

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Scottie Pippen’s NFTs Sell Out in 77 Seconds
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Like Hopkins’ NFT collection, Scottie Pippen’s NFTs were issued in partnership with Orange Comet.

NBA legend Scottie Pippen’s NFTs have sold out in seventy-seven seconds, breaking the OpenSea sales record. At 0.2 ETH per NFT, more than $240,000 in sales volume has been made.

The record was previously held by Anthony Hopkins’ NFT collection. The Hopkins NFT collection sold out more than a thousand NFT art pieces in seven minutes. Also, former President Trump recently launched NFT trading cards with his picture. The entire collection, comprising about 45,000 trading cards, sold out in less than a day.

A Curious Case

What makes all these NFT drops interesting is that they come when NFT sales are at an all-time low. Following a prolonged winter, it has become increasingly hard to launch and sell NFT collections. Data provided by DappRadar showed that the top five NFT marketplaces only made sales of $394 million in November. Compared to global NFT sales of about $4.78 billion in January, the decline is obvious.

What’s common to the new NFTs selling out is that they offer real utility to the buyers. Thirty-three buyers of Scott Pippen’s NFTs will receive autographed physical sneakers. Another 33 will receive $100 gift cards for sneakers. Yet another two people will get to go on a golf outing with Pippen, and one person will visit Pippen, for a dinner, in his hometown.

It is clear that NFTs that invest more money into added benefits for owners of their set may be the only collections making enough sales soon enough.

About Scottie Pippen’s NFTs

Like Hopkins’ NFT collection, Scottie Pippen’s NFTs were issued in partnership with Orange Comet. According to the CEO and co-founder, Dave Broome, “selling out this iconic NFT collection and beating our previous record with Sir Anthony Hopkins’ drop is an incredible way to close out 2022.” Broome also believes the success of the collections provides an accurate testimony of the work that goes into creating the NFT collections.

Essentially, Scott Pippen’s NFT collection represents the first line of digital wearables by Orange Comet. All those who own Scottie Pippen’s NFTs will get into the Allowlist for the next Orange Comet phydigital launch set for 2023.

Beyond profit, Broome believes the company will help onboard many more people into the Web3 space.

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