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Seoul Set to Host Transformative Event: Unveiling the Future of Real-World Asset Tokenization and Web3

August 30th, 2023 at 12:02 pm UTC · 3 min read

Seoul Set to Host Transformative Event: Unveiling the Future of Real-World Asset Tokenization and Web3

Brace yourselves for an event that promises to reshape the landscape of real-world asset tokenization (RWA) and Web3 technology. On Sunday, September 3rd, Seoul will be the epicenter of a groundbreaking offline event that brings together a constellation of Web3 experts, visionaries, and innovators. The event, dedicated to exploring the boundless opportunities and intricate challenges of real-world asset tokenization (RWA), is poised to captivate a diverse audience of over 300 attendees.

Under the theme “Web3 and RWA”, this immersive event will feature an exceptional lineup of speakers who have pioneered the Web3 revolution. The roster of luminaries includes Mr. Hakan, the esteemed CMO of BG Trade. With a wealth of insights and an arsenal of statistics, Mr. Hakan is set to unveil the transformative potential of real-world asset (RWA) tokenization and reveal BG Trade’s revolutionary approach to this burgeoning space.

Joining this illustrious stage is Sid Powell, the ingenious Co-founder of Maple Finance. Sid’s expertise in Web3 is certain to offer invaluable insights into the ecosystem. Meanwhile, Carolina Rios, the head of legal and government relations at FutureChain Partners, will illuminate the intricate legal landscape and provide a holistic view of the regulatory considerations.

Leslie Lamb, the pioneering Co-founder of OPNX, will take the audience on a journey through the evolution of real-world asset tokenization, drawing from personal experiences that have shaped this dynamic field. These solo sessions will not only enrich attendees’ understanding but also offer a glimpse into the future trajectory of real-world asset tokenization.

The event will culminate in a riveting panel discussion featuring luminaries in the field. Ran Yi, Co-founder of Orderly Network, Yoon Kim, CMO of ELYSA, Zo Liang, Co-founder of Tiny Traders, and Yoann Turpin, Co-founder of Wintermute, will embark on a collective journey through the intricacies and nuances of real-world asset tokenization.

The event organizers expressed:

“We are on the cusp of a new era in finance and technology, where real-world assets and Web3 converge to redefine possibilities. The event is a rare opportunity for individuals passionate about these realms to engage with the brightest minds in the industry.”

Attendees can expect not only intellectual enlightenment but also gastronomic delights. The event offers free entry for all participants and boasts a sumptuous buffet to cater to both the appetite for knowledge and culinary indulgence. As the event beckons, it is a clarion call for individuals keen on navigating the uncharted waters of Web3 and real-world asset tokenization. This one-of-a-kind assembly of luminaries promises a paradigm-shifting experience and an exclusive opportunity to glean insights from the best minds in the industry. Seize the chance to be part of the revolution shaping the future. Don’t miss out!

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Event Details

  • Date: September 3rd, 2023 (Sunday)
  • Location: voco®| Seoul Gangnam 144, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Entrance: Free of charge
  • Expert sessions, solo talks, panel discussion, networking opportunities, and buffet.

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