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Seven Years of Security: Bytecoin Marks Anniversary with New Releases

July 8th, 2019 at 2:21 pm UTC · 3 min read

On July 4, Bytecoin celebrated its seventh anniversary with the unveiling of Beryl, a redesigned version of the Bytecoin desktop app, and an updated version of the Bytecoin Developer Portal.

The first Bytecoin block was submitted to the blockchain on July 4, 2012. Since then Bytecoin has changed significantly, adding new pieces where needed, changing out the old for the new, constantly adapting and experimenting in a fast-paced industry — but the overarching purpose behind the platform has remained steadfast.

Bytecoin was launched all those years ago as a means of enhancing the privacy protections available in the crypto space. In the intervening years, Bytecoin has outgrown the limitations of being a mere digital currency and has reconstructed itself as something bigger, namely a hotbed of cryptographic technology development.

This past year alone has seen a number of new features added to the ranks at Bytecoin, compounded by the release of its new Amethyst v3.4.2 software and recent hardfork. With the hardfork, Bytecoin was able to set the table for the future progression laid out for the platform in their roadmap.

The first part of this new release consists in an update to the platform’s GUI wallet. Beryl has made it possible for users to receive BCN at multiple addresses within one wallet file. This feature has been made possible due to the previous introduction of HD wallet technology which was part of the Amethyst package. In addition to functionality enhancement, Beryl has brought with it a number of smaller upgrades aimed at improving the overall user experience of the desktop wallet.

The second part of this release deals with Bytecoin’s Developer Portal. Now users will be able to find more tech related content at the portal in addition to a new “troubleshooting” section where users can find assistance should they run into problems.

In a statement, Bytecoin CMO Jenny Goldberg underlined Bytecoin’s forward momentum in connection with the release,

“Seven years is a long time in such a rapidly changing industry, and while we are pleased with the niche we have carved out for ourselves and the community we have accrued, we are intent on moving forward and bringing more of our ideas to life. This 4th of July release is another step forward, and a welcome opportunity for us to reward our community.”

Next on the agenda for the privacy pioneers is the launch of the Gateway project, which the team has circled on the roadmap as an opportunity to expand their community’s presence to other blockchains. The Bytecoin Gateway Project is set to get underway on July 11.

About Bytecoin

Bytecoin was originally launched in 2012 as the first privacy-oriented cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote technology. Since its conception, Bytecoin has worked to recalibrate structures of digital commerce in favor of the individual.


Jenny Goldberg, official community manager

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