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‘Shark Tank’ Backed Blockchain Fantasy Game ‘Augmentors’ Launches ICO, Raises 250 BTC in 6 hours

January 30th, 2017 at 7:50 pm UTC · 5 min read

Augmentors, a game created by Michael Deon is the first ever Blockchain-based augmented reality game in existence. The game, backed by some of the leading investors from Shark Tank South Africa, has announced an ICO of its DataBits crypto tokens (DTB) starting today, January 30, 2017. Augmentors will award early investors that participate today with an extra 20% of DataBits. The ICO will run alongside the ongoing bounty campaign (started on January 23, 2017) to end on February 28, 2017. Augmentors has successfully raised over 250 BTC within the first 6 hours of the ICO.

The Augmentors game is a 3D modeled augmented reality fantasy game consisting of 50 rare creatures, known as Augmentors. Each Augmentor is capable of unique attacks, spells, and movements. They also have their own origin, backstory and can be trained, traded or even swapped between players. The concept behind the gameplay and its seamless integration with blockchain technology has been recognized by Vinny Lingham, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur known for his association with Bitcoin and Blockchain-based identity startup, Civic. Joining Vinny on the deal is the Group co-CEO of the largest African advertising agency — The Creative Counsel and board member of Grotech venture capital tech fund, Gil Oved.

The game has already raised investment through Shark Tank and it also ran a successful pre-sale showing appetite for the game among both gaming and cryptocurrency communities. Through the DataBits ICO, the game platform now intends to raise the rest of the $1 million required to complete the game development. Augmentors has created a total of 100,000,000 DataBits, 70 percent of which will be made available to investors during the ICO. The remaining 30 percent will be split between development, marketing and promotion of the game. Those purchasing DataBits packages during the token sale period will also receive a selection of rare, one-of-the-kind creatures relative to their contribution size.

“It’s been a long but exciting journey to conceptualize the mechanics of the game, design the 50 characters and their stories, as well how the token sale will work,” said Michael Deon, the creator and founder of Augmentors.

He added, “We think what sets this game apart is that backers of the game will have real ownership of their characters and the in-game currency, DataBits.”

ICO Structure

The first Augmentors ICO went live today on January 30, 2017, with the aim of raising $1 million, required for completion of the game. During the 30-day ICO ending on February 28, 2017, the DTB tokens will be available in a ratio of 15000DTB: 1BTC. The ratio of DTB tokens to BTC will be reduced by 1000 at every 5 day intervals throughout the ICO period.

Even if the platform fails to raise the required $1 million by the end of the stipulated timeframe, all funds raised will be directly put to use for developing the Alpha version of Augmentors, set for release by the end of May 2017 on Google Play Store and the App Store. The Beta version will soon follow.

Meanwhile, throughout the development process, the team will continue working on updates and new game features to create a wholesome game experience for the players of Augmentors. Upon completion of the ICO or the goal of $1 million, all unsold DTBs and Creature tokens will be burnt to protect the tokens’ value. The team will continue development by utilizing all the funds raised till date to ensure its completion on time.

Bounty Program

The Augmentors Bounty Campaigns offers an additional way for gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to earn DTBs. Each campaign has a stake attached to it, which can be earned by completing the stated objectives. The detailed structure of all bounty campaigns is explained on the website’s “Bounty Campaign” section. The bounty distribution will be executed according to the campaign structure, and the allocated DTBs for each campaign will be divided amongst all its participants.

The number of stakes each participant accumulates will be divided by the total number of stakes accumulated in each section and later multiplied by the total number of DTBs allocated to each bounty campaign to determine the share of each participant. The table of participation for each part of the bounty program is available here.

Pre-Sale Success

In order to realize its vision of interplayable in-game assets, Augmentors had organized a pre-sale of DataBits tokens, exclusively for the backers of Spells of Genesis. During the presale, held between 5th and 11th December 2016, the platform offered a limited-edition collaboration creature — “Genesis of Light” interplayable on both Spells of Genesis and Augmentors.

During the pre-sale, Augmentors raised a total of 45.2 BTCs, equivalent to $42,400 by selling 678000 DTBs. Early investors in Augmentors bought 67 units of Genesis of Light. Additional 20 units were sent to Spells of Genesis and the remaining unsold 913 units were ultimately burnt.

About Augmentors

Augmentors is a blockchain based augmented reality game created by Michael Deon and Kyle Haffendon. All the game elements are backed by Counterparty tokens that run on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Interested investors can take part in the Augmentors ICO here.

Learn more about Augmentors at – http://www.augmentorsgame.com/

Watch the Augmentors Shark Tank South Africa video at – http://m-net.dstv.com/show/shark-tank_364/videos/shark-tank-sa-ep-7-augmentors/videos

Know more about DataBits at – http://www.augmentorsgame.com/databits/

Spells of Genesis – http://spellsofgenesis.com/


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