Shiny Leaf Rewards Customers Who Adopt the Next Wave of Payment Solutions

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Shiny Leaf Rewards Customers Who Adopt the Next Wave of Payment Solutions

Shiny Leaf, the US producer of natural personal care products, has implemented Bitcoin Cash as a new payment method and rewards their customers with innovative state of mind.

Leading companies are always in search of new ways of dominating the market. In this attempt, they do their best, trying to keep up with the latest innovations, which may help them to move forward in a constant competition.

During the last twenty years, two modern trends were born – online shops and cryptocurrencies, as the next step in financial evolution. Everyone would agree, that the latter stands for the radical change in the sphere of finance, which can be observed in re-developing businesses all over the globe.

Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, has already seen powerful alternative cryptos being built on Bitcoin’s strong foundation, which are now not less successful on the market than their predecessor. Bitcoin Cash is such an example. Creating the larger blocks has been a good solution to lower the delay in transaction time, creating a more efficient, cheap, and streamlined payment option.

Initially, it has been designed as a reply to Bitcoin’s scalability issues, which the cryptocurrency has been facing rather often, influencing fees to go high and transactions to become slow. Bitcoin Cash is now known as a provider of faster transactions for customers, due to its increased block size, allowing more transactions to be processed simultaneously.

An innovative technology makes sense only after being adopted by one of the leading company. Shiny Leaf have been at the spearhead of natural beauty cosmetics in the US and have implemented Bitcoin Cash as a payment option for their products.

This leading cosmetics company creates skin and hair care products with natural and organic ingredients. They create solutions and formulas that work for any skin and hair type.

Shiny leaf provides an improved customer experience focusing on high speed payments and providing a shining example of how seriously they take their development. Moreover, the company demonstrates remarkable steps in online shopping development, making it easier for the customers to purchase healthy personal care products.

For those, who use Bitcoin Cash while buying Shiny Leaf products, the company offers special bonus – some kind of reward in the form of a free product, equal to the value of the customer’s choice being purchased.

Shiny Leaf offers a big list of products, that can be bought via Bitcoin Cash, starting from hair and skin care products, to body creams and gels with essential oils. For those, who wish to enquire about Bitcoin Cash, Shiny Leaf has a support line to help customers make their purchase without any difficulty.

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