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Introducing SIDUS HEROES: Next Step in Evolution of Gaming

UTC by Andy Watson · 4 min read
Introducing SIDUS HEROES: Next Step in Evolution of Gaming
Photo: SIDUS™ - The City of NFT Heroes / Twitter

SIDUS is one of the prime representatives of the new play-to-earn model which lets users play the game and allows them to earn money that they can spend in real life.

Modern technology is developing at a rapid pace – faster than ever before in the history of humanity. Not only that, but it is developing in all areas of modern life, to the point where we are so busy trying to reap its benefits that we no longer even notice how incredible some of the things that it brought, truly are.

Only a few decades ago, mobile phones barely existed. Today, on the other hand, our lives are completely dominated by these small pocket devices. This dependence on mobile technology and the internet came over the entire society in less than 20 years, and it is still only one example of how technology turned our lives around.

YouTube, for example, replaced TV broadcasting. Amazon completely replaced retail markets. Modern generations do not even bother with print media outlets, instead getting all their interests from social media news feeds. Even if you wanted a date, chances are that you would sooner install Tinder than go to the nearest bar, park, or some other place where people gather. Even in the world of business, meetings are now done through apps such as Zoom, rather than face to face – partially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but also due to simple convenience.

This goes even further, with digital money replacing the physical one, movie theaters losing people rapidly to Netflix and other streaming services, and alike. With that in mind, it is really not surprising that an industry as dependent on modern technologies as gaming is would be among the first ones to start adopting new tech and evolving with it, which is where SIDUS HEROES comes in.


SIDUS is a video game, but not just any type of video game. It is one of the prime representatives of the new play-to-earn model which does just that – lets users play the game and allows them to earn money that they can spend in real life. Of course, it is not as simple as that, and you will primarily earn by gaining ownership of in-game items, digital tokens, and NFTs, which can then be sold or staked in order to earn even more money.

There is a well-developed player-driven economic system that has tangible value in the real world. However, that is not the end of the innovativeness of this game.

SIDUS is also a next-gen browser game reachable with a single click. You don’t have to download its app to your device or synchronize it with other devices — all you need to do is type in the game’s URL and you will be ready to continue where you left off.

The in-game universe is highly technologically advanced itself, consisting of 12 tech-based races that represent the different blockchains, including Bitcoin (Bitcoione), Ethereum (Etheredus), Polkadot (Polkacyon), Avalanche (Avalanya), and others.

These different characters are quite unique in terms of features, their outlook on life, and other aspects, but they are also obligated to start working together in order to go on missions and complete quests.

The game is also fantastic in terms of role-playing, allowing different approaches to gaming, depending on which roles in society attract different players the most. Some may enjoy seeking power through violence, while others could choose the life of politics. Some could enjoy the creative approach where they may build different things, and others could simply be into exploration, discovering new areas of the metaverse and what it has to offer. There are endless opportunities, and one can even be a simple merchant if they want to, or manufacture specific goods, and alike.

This is a new level of gameplay that is extremely easy to access, very simple to get started with, and very rewarding after you do, with the possibility of earning money that you can spend in the real world for goods and services. It is the next stage in gaming, and likely one that will see more and more development and attention in months and years to come, until it becomes a global standard, just like smartphones are today.

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