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Under Siege and Pushing Forward: Invacio Succeeds in spite of Ongoing Attacks

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by Invacio · 8 min read
Under Siege and Pushing Forward: Invacio Succeeds in spite of Ongoing Attacks
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Despite it seems that all odds are against Invacio, its team shows enough power and will to courageously overcome emerging obstacles on the way toward their goal.

Over the last 5 months or so, you may have heard of an Artificial Intelligence company by the name of Invacio. They have been undertaking an ICO and launching a crypto-currency (INV token) as a utility token, to buy the services of the parent company’s multiple divisions after launch.

What you may not know is the staggering amount of unscrupulous things they have had to deal with (and are even now dealing with) in order to bring the company to the world.

Aggressive takeover bids, internal sabotage and apparent market manipulation are just some of the things that Invacio is putting behind them as they move on with their plans and even expand into new arenas.

Let’s go into a little detail shall we?

Around the time the decision was made to go down the ICO route to bring Invacio to market and while the white paper was being written, there was an approach for investment by a massively wealthy corporation/individual to the tune of £50 million. The investor wanted to buy a significant portion of equity in Invacio (not the tokens).

This approach was turned down, as the founder of Invacio (William West) did not wish to sell such a large portion of the company that he had spent the last 5 years creating.

You would think that would be the end of it, wouldn’t you?

Well, not for this particular group. From that time on, they have stopped at nothing to destroy what William has created.

They bought the loyalty of insiders within Invacio whom, in turn, began to do what they could to pick apart and slow down the internal works they were actually employed by Invacio to carry out.

Initially it was just small things: delaying marketing campaigns, not paying for things that needed be payed for from the funds they were allocated to work with and that type of thing..  Just enough to undermine the forward movement of Invacio and create instability.

During this time, the board members and largest investors of Invacio were approached, secretly, by one of the insiders and were told that William was becoming unfit to run his own organization.

The lack of direction and movement on the marketing side was shown as an apparent symptom of William’s lack of ability to run his own organisation properly. It was also mentioned that William had refused the large investment as another proof of his slide in ability. It was suggested that William actually step down as CEO and allow a newly recruited individual to become CEO (it turns out a representative of the interested party), previously thwarted, investor take over in order to stabilise the company and get it back on track for the major shareholders.

Regardless the ongoing issues, William and the rest of the team pushed on.

The ICO got underway with much less of a fanfare than was originally planned when an unfinished draft of the white paper was leaked during the payment systems testing process period.

Reports of exceptionally negative comments began appearing on social media. Claims that Invacio was a scam, the team didn’t exist, the technology was fake, and other damaging claims were made.

The team was set to the task of answering these comments wherever they appeared, transparent as ever, even when Invacio has files on sites of respected bodies such as the UN.

With the ICO underway and the bandwagon starting to roll, events were lined up in various countries around the world. Exhibition space was booked, speaking slots were arranged and all eyes were on having as much impact as possible and do what could be done to raise the awareness of Invacio and push away the negative online campaign.

The first two events were set up in Mumbai and Dubai. Both were sabotaged from both internal and external forces.

The first event in Mumbai, a lead member of the Invacio team that was meant to attend, “missed his flight” and was unable to attend.

A secondary member of the team arrived in Mumbai to discover that there wasn’t even any accommodation booked.. Cue a quick trip for Visas etc and a whirlwind trip by William and one of Invacio’s investors halfway across the world, from Thailand to Mumbai, to make sure that the Invacio campaign could start as planned (the lead Invacio member was fired).

Next was Dubai.

All had been arranged: speaking slots, booth space, etc. but come the day of the event, William and the investor showed up at the venue, only to be told that yet another team member had actually cancelled everything that very morning. Cue a quick round of renegotiation to fix the issues and the event took place anyway.

Later, at a networking event, the same team member that had arranged and cancelled the earlier event decided it was a great time to scream abuse at William in front of a room full of people while claiming to be the person actually running Invacio. He too was let go without a moment’s hesitation. The rest of the events all went to plan as by that time William had taken the reins and made sure of it.

Although the physical side of the marketing campaign was going well, the digital side was taking a battering. Still more spurious allegations of wrongdoing were surfacing on the net with ever more personal barbs being aimed at William. Changes were also being made to the ICO website in order to take it away from the main server as a means of speeding up the system.

A new website was created and launched. It was much faster and more reliable than the one that had been based on the main server, at least that was the case initially. Within days of the new website launching, it started to come under a series of Denial of Service (DOS) attacks. These attacks were aimed directly at the private database IP address which was never made public, only a few people knew the IP address for the all-important database, and two of those had recently been fired.

Time moves on.

Various things happen, the sale continues and then is concluded… All-in-all, in spite of the continuous plague of setbacks and hassles Invacio reached the end of their token sale with a sensible total made.

Next thing in line is to get the token listed on exchanges.

Great. Simple to do: sign a contract, pay the fees, and launch after suitable marketing.

There were some issues, but nothing insurmountable on their own.. Early listing wouldn’t really have been a massive issue…

However, combine early listing with no marketing and a certain large wallet dumping almost a million tokens at a loss over 3 days when there were virtually no buyers on the exchange to buy them, instant price crash… Instant unrest in the Invacio token-holders camp.

Low volume exchanges with no marketing and a big wallet dumper that does not understand market mechanics served to effectively trash the value of INV in a matter of hours…

As you can see, the Invacio executive team has been dealing with an enormous amount of negative issues during and after the ICO itself, but that has not prevented them from continuing to push their agenda on the world stage. Multiple discussions are in progress with world governments to utilize their various AI driven services – Ukraine, Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia and Thailand to name a few.

They have had two meetings and presentations with the United Nations and the third has been arranged for September this year, with Michael Aumock set to attend. Not only are they moving full steam ahead with their plans to build a PS3 based supercomputer by encouraging their token holders to send them in in return for a 200 INV, but they are also looking to cement further utility for their token through a variety of channels.

Their most recent announcement is in regards to the signing of an MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) between CEAM (establishing within Smart Dubai) and Invacio, to be incorporated as a payment method for buying into their an asset backed (property) security token and tying into Invacio’s payment mechanisms during their raise. Invacio steps out as not just a services company but as a payments ecosystem too.

Invacio may be getting hounded at every turn by all means possible but their energy and activity behind the scenes will not allow it to stop their forward movement. With plans in place for two separate bases for their new supercomputers, Invacio are looking to massively increase their global footprint and begin to deliver on the promises laid out in their whitepaper.

Even with espionage, sheer incompetence and nefarious corporations pulling strings to try and turn them away from their intended direction, Invacio will never back down and will force its way into the global psyche of everyone they reach out to. The services they are set to launch are so much larger than any of the issues they have dealt with so far. Failure isn’t in their dictionary.

PS: the two personnel that were fired are now working for another ICO/technology company which funnily enough is connected to the same investor that was turned down… coincidence? We think not.

Invacio is trading on Bancor, Mercatox, and IDEX. Total Supply – 60m; Circulating Supply – 49m.

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Invacio is a multitude of products or solutions built to scale around multiple avenues with a vision of transforming some of the world's most important industries

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