Singapore-Based JiojioMe Announces Platform Development

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Singapore-Based JiojioMe Announces Platform Development
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JiojioMe, a Singapore-based mobile app connecting advertisers with their potential user base, has revealed the details of its platform’s development.

The potentials of the mobile advertising marketplace is still suffering from misallocated resources and market fragmentation. Retailers are struggling for establishing and securing meaningful connections with over 4.9 billion smartphone users. This sector represents itself one of the largest and continuously expanding user base for the players in the fields of marketing and advertisement.

Singapore-based JiojioMe is right here to bridg these players with their potential users through its innovative engagement app. The app revolutionizes the social network landscape by incentivizing users engagement, enabling them to turn their interests and interactions into avenues for earning rewards.

With the help of the app, users can customize their ad preferences to suit their hobbies, enabling advertisers to deliver ads that specifically caters to their interest or their community’s. The word “jio” is translated from Chinese as “invite”. Users can invite other users to take advantage of the products within the app, so that to earn promotional discounts and rewards in the form of the platform’s native tokens JCASH.

Powered by blockchain technology, JiojioMe will directly distribute revenues generated from ads on the platform to users’ wallets through JCASH.

Unlike conventional advertising platforms, the JiojioMe app provides advertisers with an unparalleled level of control and customization options to tailor their ads to users’ interests. Advertisers can directly market goods and services to targeted audience, reducing cost of engagement and improving efficiency.

JiojioMe leverages the blockchain to identify consumers spending in the form of behavioural data analysis, making its possible for advertisers to reward users for promoting their ads through a Proof-Of-Activity (POA) consensus protocol.

Users can use their rewards on the Jio Market to buy vouchers, products and services from various retail and F&B merchants. POA’s innovative protocol rewards users with JCASH for their activities within the network. What’s more, JCASH can be used to acquire physical items from over 600 merchants on board the app.

Businesses can now directly communicate with their customers through the JiojioMe app. Moreover, they can also measure the success rate of their engagements in order to deploy effective marketing strategies.

Blockchain technology will provide businesses with all the tools they need to track, analyse, and employ behavioural data for customers’ satisfaction. All data on the blockchain will be securely hashed to provide users with total anonymity of their information and protect their privacy.

JCASH currently exists as a centralised currency for in-app transactions within the JiojioMe platform. The currency is designed for transitions in a decentralized token, which will be compatible with all ERC-20 tokens at the end of the token sale, on November 9th, 2018.

The JiojioMe app is available on iOS and Google Play Store, with over 100,000 user downloads and 600 merchants since its launching in December, 2017. With more merchants scheduled to come on board in the coming months, the demand and value of JCASH is certain to appreciate.

JiojioMe is currently running a World Cup event with an iPhoneX giveaway its Application today.

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