Skycoin Releases Android Mobile Wallet

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 2 min read
Skycoin Releases Android Mobile Wallet
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The most advanced blockchain platform in the world, Skycoin launches its Skycoin mobile wallet for Android with a plethora of easy-to-use innovative features.

Skycoin has announced their initial roll-out of the Skycoin mobile wallet for Android. An easy-to-use and secure wallet is crucial for any cryptocurrency, as the number of mobile users exceeds the number desktop users.

A mobile wallet also opens up a plethora of situations that simply aren’t feasible with a computer, such as scanning and sending QR codes for point-of-sale situations, as well as simply having your wallet in a pocket, where it should be.

The Skycoin mobile wallet supports Android v 6.0 (Marshmallow and up) and includes features such as supporting new and existing wallets, being able to review transaction history, scanning and generating QR codes, as well as generating new addresses.

The wallet also offers advanced features such as allowing users to choose specific UXTOs (unspent outputs) when sending coins. This gives users more advanced coin control, allowing them to make the most use of the Coin Hours they are spending.

For more security-minded users, there is also an option to specify which node you choose to connect to in order to access the network. This can ensure that if you have your own node, you can connect to it, or to avoid any known nodes that are either compromised or don’t support your own personal values. Furthermore, wallet seeds are hardware encrypted and never leave the device in order to ensure that malicious parties and hackers can’t steal your funds.

The Skycoin team is sure to continue listening to the community and add any features that the user base requests. Other potential features that could be added in later iterations of the mobile wallet are enhancing security with a PIN or biometric access, NFC payment options for contact POS solutions, as well as managing different wallets. There is no timeline for an iOS mobile wallet, but it is not likely to be far behind the release of the Android version.

Skycoin also has plans on not only being supported by popular current hardware wallet providers but also producing and selling their own. Skycoin believes that their wallet has the best balance of security and accessibility, as the keys never leave the device but can be quickly accessed through a PIN code.

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