Smart BBO Token Blockchain Asset Management Packages Make Double Profit for Customers

March 29th, 2020 at 8:58 pm UTC · 3 min read

On March 20, 2020, BBonus International Company officially released BBO TOKEN Phase 1 on the website which attracted a lot of customers, within 5 hours, 300.000.000 units of BBO TOKEN were sold out. This is a major turning point marking the development of BBonus in the strategy of Blockchain Finance Technology.

Smart BBO Token Blockchain Asset Management Packages Make Double Profit for Customers

Photo: BBonus

In parallel with this event, BBonus has prepared to launch The BBO TOKEN Blockchain Asset Management Packages in late March 2020. This is the first product of cooperation between BBonus with Blockchain Asset Management Experts to bring great value to customers who are and will own a BBO Token Blockchain Account. White wolf team invests in BBonus $5.000.000.

So how does BBO TOKEN Asset Management Packages bring double profits?

With strategies from BBonus, BBO TOKEN Asset Management Packages are easily adjusted for all customers to participate in. In particular, when customers participate in this Asset Management Package, they will gain a huge assets from the profits added to the initial capital and the profit each time when the BBO TOKEN Blockchain Asset increase price in specific:

Firstly, customers will earn a fixed profit from the BBO TOKEN Asset Management Packages that customers participated in when BBonus pays the percentage of customer profits corresponding to 7 packages of the project including: $ 300, $ 500, $ 1,000, $ 3,000, $ 5,000, $ 10,000, $ 25,000 respectively to BASIC, NETWORKER, BUSINESS, TRADER, PRO TRADER, POOL, VIP levels. After 6 months, customers do not only get their payback but also earn a stable profit of 2-8%/month.

Secondly, customers will also earn additional profits after the BBO TOKEN Blockchain Assets increases price due to the fixed amount of USDT for each package, only BBO TOKEN is variable. The BBO TOKEN price is changed in each period so that after the expiration of the deposit term, customers can sell Token with an outstanding price through the ICO roadmap of BBO TOKEN. With the ICO roadmap of BBO TOKEN, BBonus creates a stable supply-demand, attractive investment packages that create a large buying demand.

In the near future, the BBO TOKEN will be on the electronic trading platform to create stability and reliability in the cryptocurrency market. BBonus is striving to develop a global ecosystem, allowing customers to use BBO TOKEN in international markets through Befun app like BBO Games, Asset Management with the goal of promoting sustainable value.

BBonus with strategic goals of Blockchain Finance Technology desires to bring the best experience to customers, become a safe and reliable financial company in the future.