Smartlink Launches First Tezos NFT Launchpad: A Home to Only Exclusive, Curated NFT Launches

February 7th, 2022 at 10:16 pm UTC · 4 min read

Smartlink Launches First Tezos NFT Launchpad: A Home to Only Exclusive, Curated NFT Launches
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Smartlink NFT Launchpad will be the go-to home for some of the rarest curated NFTs on the internet. The platform leverages the Tezos blockchain to provide a cleaner, greener platform to artists, gaming studios, and projects.

Smartlink NFT Launchpad aims to elevate the appeal of exclusive and curated NFT launches. As non-fungible tokens took the world by storm in 2021 and yielded exponential sales growth, it is time to take the industry to the next level. Smartlink NFT Launchpad will give artists a platform to connect with an established community, a suite of tools, and open potential partnerships.

For the community and other users, Smartlink NFT Launchpad will feature only the best NFTs and offer exciting features, including blind minting, auctions, and much more. Depending on personal preference, artists and sellers can list NFTs through blind auctions and open auctions.

The blind auction method is well-known in the NFT industry, as bidders remain unaware of any other bids made by other users. It is the opposite of an open auction, where everyone is aware of every bid being submitted. The NFT auction feature works as follows:

  • The NFT owner initializes the auction with the required settings.
  • Bidders can place bids during the predetermined auction period.
  • Once bidding concludes, ownership of the NFT is transferred to the highest bidder.
  • Funds are transferred to the former NFT owner minus a management fee paid to Smartlink NFT Launchpad and royalties paid to the NFT issuer.
  • All remaining bidders will be refunded after the auction closes.

Every artist using Smartlink NFT Launchpad will have a dedicated page with customized layouts for blind and open auctions. The NFT page will feature various details, including average big amount, bid history, auction timer, and NFT stats, such as views and likes.

Blind Minting

Blind minting makes the entire NFT acquisition process more intriguing.

Most generative art pieces have different levels of rarities, defined by specific traits, accessories, and utility. It is essential that every minter, original NFT buyer, should have the same right to acquire the rare ones. That’s precisely what blind minting does.

The underlying premise of blind minting is that the user can’t see what will be minted or what will become their property. Each user pays the same entry price. Typically, most NFTs have various levels of rarity. With blind minting, the user wouldn’t know what level of rarity they would be receiving but are guaranteed to receive an NFT. The NFT is revealed after the minting process or at the end of the overall collection sales’.

SMURKS: First Launch on Smartlink NFT Launchpad

We introduced SMURKS as a part of our first NFT drop for the Smartlink community. We’re delighted to announce that SMURKS will be the first NFTs to be released on our NFT launchpad.

Smartlink has already partnered with some upcoming NFT and Metaverse projects to release their NFTs on its Launchpad. We’ll be revealing these projects as we move closer to the launch.

Smartlink NFT Launchpad is slated for release in Q1 2022.

About Smartlink

Smartlink headquarters is a bustling place with over 35 developers churning out critical platforms components every week. The project leverages the Tezos blockchain to create a cleaner, greener platform for NFT activities.

Smartink is a suite of decentralized applications built on the Tezos blockchain. The different platforms include an escrow smart contract protocol to offer a cutting-edge alternative to traditional escrow services, a crypto-friendly marketplace for goods and services, and a decentralized exchange. Smartlink is built on Tezos because of its higher transaction throughput, security standards, and negligible network congestion. Smartlink smart contracts utilize the formal verification of the Tezos network to eliminate security challenges inherent in smart contracts. Smartlink Roadmap is a work in progress and provides a timeline for the development of different modules of the Smartlink ecosystem.

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