SmartO Project Launches ICO to Create Ultimate All-in-One Mobile App on Blockchain

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read

With a new blockchain platform, both users and businesses will be able to fulfill their day-to-day activities right through a smartphone application while receiving some extra goodies.

Our daily routine is full of different tasks and problems, related to family or work, that require a lot of time and efforts to tackle. Given our hectic schedules, it is difficult to stay effective throughout the day, achieve your goals and not to forget about important activities you were planning to do.

A new project, called SmartO, promises to solve this problem, making your life easier and more convenient. The solution is designed to help users manage their schedule via a universal mobile app powered by Ethereum blockchain.

“You simply enter tasks into the application (standard or voice input) and then a powerful expert system, located on cloud servers, starts working. This system analyzes data from thousands of sources, other applications, geo-information systems nonstop and solves optimization problems with one purpose: to tell you how, when and in what order to solve all your tasks in the most efficient and easy way,” the company says, explaining how the system works.

The SmartO platform combines a wide range of mobile service capabilities, including smart organizer, interactive navigator, instant messenger, personal assistant with adaptive algorithm, and other services. The service will remind users about important dates, will help to get bearings, notify about bargains, and remind to take pills.

The key feature of the app, that is definitely a dream for millions of people, is the possibility to get regular income without any efforts. The users will be able to earn money by implementing various actions, such as watching ads, writing reviews about service providers, and sharing browsing history with friends.

With a new service, the startup has completely changed the way of viewing and placing ads. Previously, users received nothing for viewing them, but with SmartO they will gain as much as 60% of the advertising budget.

Businesses, meantime, will get a comprehensive solution to connect to their target audience, attract new customers, raise their turnover, get a decrease in advertising costs, and receive user feedback. Moreover, companies will be able to optimize their business processes using CRM systems, team chats, as well as give tasks to employees and monitor their progress.

STO is the SmartO’s native token that will be used as a means of payment within the platform. Besides, they could be withdrawn via exchange and traded for any other currency.

To continue the project development, the startup is planning an ICO that will run from April 26, 2018, till May 7, 2018. Most of the funds raised in a crowdsale will go on marketing and further platform’s development, according to the company. The hardcap is set at $8,325,000.

For investors, SmartO ICO guarantees 100% investment insurance, low risk and profitability. In addition, contributors will get yearly bonuses as a result of liquidity growth of STO tokens on exchanges. If STO price doesn’t grow for at least 20%, the company will pay 20% as dividends in SmartO’s tokens a year after the start of trading on the exchanges.

Currently, the team is preparing to start a pre-sale of its STO tokens that will go live on April 6, 2018, and continue until April 15, 2018. The maximum discount of 30% will be offered during the pre-ICO.

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