Snovio Launches Its Reward-Based Social Platform for Airdrops and Networking

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Snovio Launches Its Reward-Based Social Platform for Airdrops and Networking
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Snovio launches of phase 1.0 of Snovian.Space a brand new social platform for airdrops and networking allowing users to earn rewards for being contacted.

Snovio, the company behind the first decentralized lead-generation platform, has announced the launch of phase 1.0 of Snovian.Space, a reward based platform for airdrops and networking.

This brand new platform, created not only for professionals, but also for enthusiasts and representatives of crypto, tech, and other niches, allows users to earn rewards for being contacted, and allows companies to contact highly targeted audiences with laser precision.

While being crypto-related from the very beginning, Snovian.Space is released as a platform for the mass market, which aims to increase the adoption of the ever growing crypto sphere by specialists of all trades and, more importantly, businesses of all categories.

Snovian.Space makes it easy for everyone to earn crypto like ETH or SNOV, a native token used on the platform, by having a profile on the platform. The more complete and detailed the profile is, the higher are the chances to be contacted. Basically, the more interesting a user looks to businesses, the more they will be contacted and rewarded.

The most common reasons for contacts are airdrops, partnerships, market research, business development and networking. One of the best things about Snovian.Space is that users earn the reward, not the platform. The Snovio team believes that the reward must go straight to the person who shares the data, not the middleman, as is usually the case on other social networks.

There are no paid plans, packages or any other subscriptions for individuals or businesses – Snovian.Space has the strong positioning of a “for-people-by-people” platform, that will push crypto and the whole blockchain industry forward. Users are free to decide what data to share, and what is a reasonable reward for being contacted by businesses or other users.

According to Alexis Kratko, CEO of Snovio:

“We’ve been working on perfecting the platform for the last 2 months and we’re proud of what it come to be. At the moment we are focused on more than 50,000 pre-registered users – they will be verified by a telegram bot and added to the platform with early-bird bonuses to their profile as a thank you for their support.”

Snovian.Space is a new wave on the crypto market, allowing people to earn crypto by being who they are – experts, skilled specialists, enthusiasts, geeks, people with unique experience, basically anyone. The connection of individuals and businesses is the best scenario for mass crypto adoption. Snovian.Space brings freedom, control of data, and fair rewards.

The Snovio Team has focused on connecting people, businesses and crypto from day one with the help of two other platforms – a tokenized lead-generation platform Snovio Marketplace, and a set of marketing tools available on the platform.

All of the Snovio products and platforms support native SNOV tokens, that have been available on the crypto exchanges since the end of 2017, when Snovio raised $2.1M in its ICO.

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