Social-Advertising App Will Launch Its 2nd Pre-ICO 25.01.2018

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Social-Advertising App Will Launch Its 2nd Pre-ICO 25.01.2018

The social network that has already raised over $2.8 million continues attracts users with the opportunity to get rewards for ads.

Social networks changed the way people communicate; enterprising souls even managed to turn them into a source of income. However, the ones who make the most money with the help of social networks are the networks themselves.

The bulk of their income comes from the advertisement. Social networks provide lots of opportunities to create high-impact campaigns due to the wide range of targeting options and rapid spread of content. But the factor that really attracts the advertisers is the amount of users. Users, who are not likely to benefit from all the ads they see every day.

The times are changing. is a social network which made a big step towards the win-win strategy of working with the users. The attractive idea of sharing the ad cost with the users has materialized in the blockchain-based solution.

New Era of Advertising combines the traditional SNS features with the ad space created by users. Every account can be turned into a personal advertising platform. It takes just one click to activate this feature. After that all the followers of the user turn into advertising audience. They will see the ads in their news feed – and the user gets rewards for every view.

A reward for a user depends on the advertiser’s payments. is ready to share up to half of the ad cost per view. The advertising account does not require lots of actions from the user: once it is activated, all the further processes does not need manual intervention.

The Win-Win Business Model

The idea of passive income has always been attractive, especially when it comes from the activities a person enjoys. rewards users for their activity on the network. It can well be said that such an opportunity to make money will attract lots of people all over the world.

The large audience is attractive for advertisers. has all the features of a standard social network like lots of targeting opportunities and wide outreach. Its advantage is the ad-friendly attitude of the users: they see the ads not as an annoying trash in their news feeds, but as the money they can get.

All in all, the fast pace of development of the network is already apparent. However, had to face a serious challenge. The rewarding system is simple to understand but it requires millions of transactions to be permitted at the same time. The solution came from the most discussed technology of the year.

Blockchain as a Perfect Solution for Social Network

The business model of requires the ability to commit lots of transactions. Even though it is enough to choose blockchain, the advantages of the technology should not be limited to the speed of transactions.

Blockchain creates a secure platform which can meet the highest expectations of privacy. is also integrating Bitcoin into its business model. The dominant cryptocurrency will be used for external payments.

However, Bitcoin is not the main currency of the new social network. created ME Token to be used on all the internal payments. Users can also use it within the network to get more features like premium subscription, stickers, gifts, etc. ME Tokens can also be traded on the internal Bitcoin Exchange. is developing one more opportunity for the ME token owners. The functionality of the social network will soon be enriched with “Showcase” – a trading platform where both trading companies and users can act as sellers.

The usage of ME Tokens is not restrained to the social network. provides users with personal cryptocurrency wallets. Users can transfer tokens to other wallets, exchange them with the help of the internal platform or just put them on sell at the exchange.

ME Token Sales is already available for users: it can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. It has already got more than 1.5K five-star reviews on Google Play.

The first presale brought the company more than $2.8 millions in less than two days. announced the second round of presale to start on January 25. There are two more rounds scheduled in February. ICO is to start on March 7, 2018.

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