Stage 1 of the GIFcoin’s Public ICO Is Sold Out

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read
Stage 1 of the GIFcoin’s Public ICO Is Sold Out
Gifcoin's team. Photo: GIFcoin / Twitter

After a successful Private Sale, GIFcoin, deemed by investors as the most transparent and generous ICO in the field of online gambling industry, has sold out its Stage 1.

On a global scale, gambling is an enormous market whose revenues in 2017 were $500 billion out of which $220 billion worth share being contributed by sports betting alone.

With an ever-expanding internet-using population and a growing legalization of online sports betting in numerous countries, this market segment will experience a substantial growth in the upcoming years. Hence, it is not surprising for gambling space to exhibit a meteoric surge of ICOs thereby nobody want to miss out on the extraordinary returns if products hit critical mass and investors get in early.

Given ever rising amount of gaming startups, it becomes much more difficult for potential cryptocurrency investors to navigate for profitable ICO within the world of brand-new playing solutions.

Unlike other ICOs that lure investors just on the mere basis of its ideas, GIFcoin leverages its ICO proposition by saying that investors have the safety cushion of investing in an already established business. Another evidence that strongly supports the project’s worthiness is the sold-out of its Stage 1, indicating a high level of investors’ participation.

The GIFcoin ICO is backed by an already functioning betting website called VitalBet. Dealing mainly within online gambling industry, VitalBet produces modern and user-friendly IT solutions to allow people to bet online on sports events and on their favorite gambling games in secure and effective way.

The team of VitalBet has launched GIFcoin Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in order to raise capital for further platform’s development, as well as popularization and promotion the VitalBet Brand on the most promising betting markets. Currently, VitalBet has near 20,000 active online users from all over the world and its annual profit is already estimated in the millions.

Buying GIF Tokens from GIFcoin ICO will allow investors to contribute to an existing and moneymaking business that is at the beginning of a long-term, sustainable growth. Notably that GIF tokens holders can not only profit from the potential enhanced value of the token but also from their own share of the 80% of VitalBet’s annual net profits.

The total supply of GIFcoin tokens available is 300 million, by now the amount of 16.4 million of GIFcoin tokens has already been distributed during Private Sale and Stage 1. And that is bad news for cryptoinvestors, due to a hefty 60% discount that once was provided for Stage 1. However, there is still an opportunity to become a part of VitalBet and have a juicy 40% bonus in Stage 2.

As the GIFcoin tokens are based on the Ethereum platform, investors may purchase any volume of currently available GIF Tokens in exchange for ETH tokens where 1 ETH = 10,000 GIFcoins. Upon purchase of GIF tokens, they will be immediately sent to the users ETH wallet. The minimum payment is 0.5 ETH for Stage 1 – 4. After Stage 5 of Token sale has been reached the minimum is 0.01 ETH, while there is no upper limit of purchase.

Investors may buy GIF Tokens only with ETH, BTC & LTC cryptocurrency, as no fiat transactions are allowed on the platform. The token sale started on March 16 and will be live until April 16, 2018.

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