Standard Tokenization Protocol’s First MTO Project ‘Precium (PCM)’ Listed on Bithumb Exchange

Place/Date: - November 13th, 2019 at 10:53 pm UTC · 2 min read
Source: Standard Tokenization Protocol

Standard Tokenization Protocol (STPT) recently announced the listing of their first Micro Token Offering (MTO) project ‘Precium’ on Bithumb, a major Korean cryptocurrency exchange. Deposits of PCM, the official token of Precium, became live at 4:00am EST on November 13, 2019. Trading started two hours later at 6:00am EST and included a PCM/KRW trading pair.

Participants in STP Network’s MTO were able to get access to pre-liste PCM tokens last month by participating in a Micro Token Offering on the platform that ended October 5th. At the time, PCM tokens were valued 4x less than today’s listing price, representing a large gain for STP Network community members.

Precium is a hybrid blockchain project centered around influencer marketing and commerce. It provides a public/private blockchain platform based on Onyx chain that enables users to create and use peer-to-peer smart contracts. Precium has a number of partnerships with high-profile marketing companies and influencers. The listing on Bithumb confirms their position as a major innovator in the blockchain industry.

Standard Tokenization Protocol allows assets to be tokenized such that they remain fully transferrable across any blockchain platform and compliant across jurisdictions. Precium conducted an MTO through STP’s micro token platform in October 2019, the first to use STP’s new offering. The micro sale was a success, selling out in a matter of hours.